‘He’s a Stud:’ Dan Campbell Offers Direct Praise for Matthew Stafford

Matthew Stafford

Getty Matthew Stafford during a game in 2020 against Green Bay.

Matthew Stafford remains entrenched as the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, and the only way he will be going anywhere is if the front office and coaching staff decide to make a move.

There’s been few tells on that front in recent days, even as both of Detroit’s new bosses have spoken. Even as the quarterback’s future is still up for discussion, There is a clear respect for Stafford from both Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell. That was proven again when Campbell started talking after being asked about his current quarterback.

Campbell said:

“Here’s what I have to say about Matthew man, he’s a stud. He’s a stud. He’s one of the toughest quarterbacks you’ll ever see. He’s extremely talented. I know he’s a team guy. And listen, I know he wants to win.”

By Campbell’s own standards during the press conference, though, this answer was short, sweet and to the point. It’s clear he admires Stafford in a major way as he gets going on the Detroit job.

Whether or not that translates to a decision on the future is anyone’s guess.

Analyst: Matthew Stafford Must Decide on Lions

It might not be as simple as the Lions deciding to keep Stafford or not. Stafford himself might have to decide whether he wants to stick around and deal with another retool or rebuild in Detroit. If he doesn’t, he could ask out. That’s something which NFL Network insider Tom Pelissero recently hinted on the Pat McAfee Show.

Pelissero said:

“Those calls will probably be coming in in the months to come. The Lions have to make a decision on Stafford, Stafford has to make a decision on the Lions. This would be his fourth head coach if I remember correctly, and how many different OC he’s been through in that span as well. Does he really want to start over? He’s given a lot to the city, there’s a very close the to the city. To Stafford’s credit, you had a team with an interim coach and I can’t even remember the list of injures he had. He kept going out there, a guy who has made a ton of money in the league and he continues to put himself on the field. That shows he cares. He has always felt a responsibility to the Lions organization. Those are the conversations Stafford is going to have to have as well as the team. I do not believe the Lions are eagerly looking at this and saying ‘we want to trade away Matthew Stafford and just get picks.’ They view their team as one who can come together with the right culture, that’s why Dan Campbell is there, that’s why Brad Holmes is there, but they’re very early in terms of evaluation of the roster.”

Obviously, there is no pressure to move on from Stafford at all in the months ahead, but there will be decisions the franchise has to make once the new regime gets an idea of what they wish to do wth the roster.

Dan Campbell’s Matthew Stafford Thoughts Might Be Revealing

Campbell spent the majority of what might go down as the most epic introductory press conference in NFL history talking about toughness, and the mindset he wants to see within his team. Obviously, someone like Stafford at quarterback seems to fit that mold completely. If Campbell was looking for a match to his ideals, Stafford could easily be that guy moving forward.

Will it happen? There’s a long way toward that, but Campbell clearly has great admiration for Stafford.

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