‘I Can Do It All’: Jamaal Williams Touts Ability to Lions

Jamaal Williams

Getty Jamaal Williams gestures for a first down against the Browns in 2021.

The Detroit Lions have one of the NFL’s best team motivators in Jamaal Williams, and the running back clearly isn’t lacking for self confidence, either.

Williams is one of the best quotes in the league and a great guy for a locker room. Perhaps the reason this is revolves around his own abilities and confidence. Heading into another year, Williams left no doubt where he sees himself.

Speaking to reporters after practice on Tuesday, August 2, Williams was asked about his personal expectations for a new season. As he said, there’s nothing that he feels as if he can’t do.

“Put me in opportunities, I’m going to get loose no matter what it is. I’m going to route run, I’m going to take some ankles. I’m going to bully as usual. People think they understand what type of football player I am, they don’t have no clue what I can do. I literally can take anybody’s ankles. I ain’t scared of nobody,” Williams explained.

The reason Williams thinks this way? As he says, his diversity of skill allows him to be confident given all the things he can do on the field.

“Route running, running the ball, blocking. I can do it all. I have no problem having confidence in myself because I know what type of player I am. I know what type of work I put in. I ain’t scared of nothing,” Williams said.

That’s the right approach to have as a running back, a position that requires much confidence given the hits that are taken and the job that is required.

Detroit’s ground game has been dormant for a while and is seeking a turnaround, but if that changes in 2022, nobody would be surprised. That’s especially true after hearing Williams speak confidently about his abilities.

Williams Relishes Being Himself in Detroit

A big theme with Williams is an ability to be himself on the field. A unique and fun personality, Williams loves dancing, interacting with fans and showing off his love for Anime.

As he said, hard work is still expected, but personality helps him to feel as if he is getting the most out of the game he loves.

Jamaal Williams, Aidan Hutchinson, and Frank Ragnow meet with the media at Lions Training CampWatch Detroit Lions running back Jamaal Williams, defensive line Aidan Hutchinson, and center Frank Ragnow speak to the media on August 2, 2022 at Detroit Lions Training Camp presented by Rocket Mortgage. 00:00 – 10:48: RB Jamaal Williams 10:49 – 18:32: DL Aidan Hutchinson 18:33 – 24:20: C Frank Ragnow Subscribe to the Lions YT…2022-08-02T21:02:04Z

“I feel like when you let people be themselves, at the same time, they still got to get that job done. Even for me when I first came to the league, I was more worried about making sure people understood I’m more about my assignments. I’m going to get the job done and then I can still have fun, dance around, be myself just to get myself motivated,” Williams said. “I’m dancing and smiling and joking around. That’s just me having my love for football and just my mood about how I go about football. If I can’t get into it like that, then I feel like I’m not really into the game or my love of the game is being cut in half.”

As Williams explained, he appreciates the team’s coaching staff for allowing players to have personalities and show them off to their teammates.

“I’m grateful for Dan (Campbell) and just how he just lets us be us and he pushes for us to show our personalities to the team and become closer and closer to each other. It’s just great. I appreciate having him on the coaching staff,” he said.

With a happy approach and confidence, Williams is looking primed for a big role on the team and a very engaged season.

Williams’ Career Stats & Highlights

After signing with the Lions last offseason, Williams did well, posting 601 rushing yards and 3 touchdowns. While it was not an overwhelming statistical total, Williams also was dinged up and splitting time with others.

In addition to running, Williams has also shown himself to be a capable receiver for the team, putting up 157 yards through the air. Heading into 2022, Williams could be seen as the type of player that leads the way for the Detroit ground attack and the physical mindset they embody. He looks like “thunder” to D’Andre Swift’s “lightning.”

Overall, Williams looks primed to have a big season. After hearing what he can do and what he plans to do, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see it play out.

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