Lions’ Response to Bills’ Last-Minute Stadium Switch Goes Viral

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Getty A Lions fan poses in front of Ford Field before the 2022 home opener.

Winter is coming a bit early to the upper midwest and east this year, so as a result, the Detroit Lions were once again there for some Lake Erie neighbors.

With a major blizzard threatening to engulf Buffalo, the Lions once again took care of the Buffalo Bills, as the NFL moved their home game against the Cleveland Browns to the cozier indoor confines of Ford Field for Week 11.

The announcement from the NFL came on Thursday, November 17. As expected, the Lions responded to the news. Their tweet was very brilliant, and considering the 127,000 likes it received, it went very viral.

“Important numbers are by the phone, lock up when you leave and please don’t break the tables,” the team hilariously tweeted.

Bills fans appreciated the funny shoutout, and as many said in the comments, they couldn’t make any promises about tables making it through unscathed over the weekend.

This is the second time the Lions have played as the host venue for the Bills, having Ford Field act as their de-facto stadium in 2014 for a game against the Jets. Buffalo ended up winning that game, played on a Monday night, 38-3 to get to 6-5 on the season.

NFL Moved Game Thanks to Dangerous Snow

While many were fed up with the league for not allowing an outdoor snow game to be played, it was clear why the team was on the move in the first place.

Forecast models had called for 46-74 inches of snow over the course of a few day period leading into the game, which would have made communing to the game for fans and workers alike very dangerous. The state of New York had declared a snow emergency as a result.

Indeed, once the snow began to come on Thursday night into Friday, the pictures showed a snow-covered scene, one that would have been pretty hard to keep clear assuming more snow keeps coming.

While watching a game in the snow is always good fun, this much snow represents a situation where fans and staff would be unsafe, so the move to switch the game makes logistical sense for the league and teams.

Dan Campbell Praises Ford Field’s Staff

All kidding aside, it’s going to be a long week for those who do work at Ford Field. The Lions were supposed to be out of town for the week, and now, the crew has to put in work on an NFL Sunday when they were likely to be preparing for Thanksgiving.

After the game on Sunday, the Lions will turn around and play on Thursday for their annual Thanksgiving Day traditional game. Head coach Dan Campbell realizes there are plenty of unsung heroes behind the scenes that will be working to pull this off.

Speaking on Friday, November 18, Campbell gave an awesome shout-out to some of the folks who will be working hard over the next week and a half to ensure that the Buffalo game goes off without a hitch as well as the Thanksgiving game.

“Everybody that works over at the stadium, this just became very hard on them. This is difficult, You got a holiday show, all this, they’ve set up, you got to break it down. Get ready for this game, then get ready for our game on Thursday. They didn’t intend on spending their whole weekend and really the next week leading into Thanksgiving dealing with this. They got a lot on their plate. Sometimes that gets lost in the shuffle. You forget about all of them over there putting in the work.”

The Lions and their staff are ready to roll with the punches and help pull this off for a couple NFL teams in need. In addition to the jokes, the Lions will come ready with a helping hand.

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