‘Clear the Books’ Says Insane Analyst, Eagles Trading Carson Wentz to Colts

Getty Philip Rivers of the Indianapolis Colts.

Max Kellerman has long been the biggest Carson Wentz hater in the universe. He loathes the Eagles quarterback.

Not surprisingly, ESPN’s king of uninformed hot takes proposed a ridiculous trade scenario on “First Take” on Monday where he had Philadelphia sending Wentz to Indianapolis, possibly for Philip Rivers. The parameters of the fictitious deal weren’t outlined as Kellerman’s premise was for Philly to “clear the books” from a terrible contract and move on from the “worst starter in the NFL.”

Take a deep breath, Eagles fans, this is a lot to take in. While the crux of his argument is bogus, the part about reuniting Colts head coach Frank Reich with Wentz actually makes sense. The 27-year-old signal-caller nearly won an MVP award when Reich was his offensive coordinator in Philly and hasn’t played close to that level since he left town. Here’s what Kellerman said on-air:

“Where’s Frank Reich now? Indianapolis, right. Let me tell you something, Philip Rivers is playing well at his age but given Philip Rivers’ age and his performance in recent seasons, if I were the Eagles I’d bide my team and see if Philip Rivers continues to play well and at some point this season I might offer Carson Wentz in a trade … just trade him, move that contract off your books now, send him to a place with the guy whom — the only guy with whom — he’s had real success in the NFL and move on.”

When co-host Molly Qerim Rose asked if he was implying a straight-up swap of Wentz for Rivers, Kellerman qualified it.

“No, you don’t trade him for Philip Rivers. You simply clear the deck, you get draft picks if you can — that contract is so bad and Carson Wentz is so bad, statistically the worst starter in the NFL at quarterback right now … it’s so bad you might not get anything in return. I don’t know. Whatever you can get is gravy, but if you can move him there, to a place where you got a guy that maybe believes he can be MVP, you do it of you’re the Eagles. You get out of this contract now.”

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Eagles Need to ‘Unclutter His Mind’ on Offense

Back in the land of reality, aka Philadelphia … Doug Pederson explained what he needs to do to fix his broken franchise quarterback. The Eagles head coach talked about simplifying the offense and running more up-tempo stuff so Wentz wouldn’t overthink it.

“I think one of the ways that we do that, and then really to kind of maybe unclutter his mind some is to play fast, play up-tempo where players don’t have to think,” Pederson told reporters. “They just react. And that has been a recipe for us over the years, and it’s something that we may have to lean on a little bit more.”

Wentz has the league’s worst QB rating (63.9) and third-worst QBR (35.4) while posting the fifth-lowest completion percentage (59.8) and tying for the most interceptions (6). So, yeah, it hasn’t been going well.

Said Pederson: “We’ll take a look at the game plans and make sure there’s not a lot of maybe moving parts or things that from a quarterback’s perspective that he has to get us in and out of.”

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