FanDuel Down & Not Working: Stats Provider Still Experiencing Technical Issues FanDuel Down

FanDuel scores are still down as of early afternoon, and some fans are wondering just how long it’s going to take to get the service up and running again. Live scoring from FanDuel’s stats provider was down this weekend and scores still haven’t been updated in the service itself by early Monday afternoon. RealitySportsOnline was also experiencing issues and has been working with a different provider to update their stats. Here’s a look at what’s happening and what we know so far.

FanDuel’s Stats Provider Is Still Experiencing Issues on Monday

FanDuel tweeted an update on Sunday and Monday about the issues. On Sunday the service wrote: “We appreciate everyone’s continued patience during our stats provider’s Live Scoring outages this weekend. They have identified the cause and are working diligently to restore service. We recognize the importance of live scoring to the DFS experience… Following resolution of these issues (expected Mon 10/12), We will credit a 50% net lossback across impacted slates (where net losses above $10; paid as site credit; max $100 credit). Any user not credited under the lossback will receive a voucher to next week’s Sunday Million.”

On Monday, with the stats provider still not working, the company provided another update on Twitter, writing: “Our stats provider is still experiencing a major service disruption. We are working with them to have all player’s scores available and finalized as soon as possible. We will provide any updates here as they happen, and once again appreciate everyone’s patience.”

FanDuel’s website also has a notice up about the delay. The notice reads: “Live Scoring Delay. Our stat provider is experiencing a major service disruption. This may result in delays to in-game live scoring. All stats will be updated prior to settlement.”


Some People Are Trying to Reach the Customer Service Number for Help

FanDuel has a customer service number if you need to reach them for help. 646-930-0860. They also have a support email at But remember that this is a sitewide issue, so until the stat provider’s technical problems are fixed, there’s not much that can be done.

You can see the chart below from DownDetector showing a large number of problems reported on Sunday when people were trying to use the service.


FanDuel’s website notes a money-back guarantee in some circumstances, but only for new players. The site notes:

You are eligible for a Money Back Guarantee of up to $100 right after your first contest, or first day of contests. If you play multiple days prior to requesting the Money Back Guarantee, you are no longer eligible. Your FanDuel account must also be verified through to be eligible to receive the offer.

NOTE: The amount of money you receive from the Money Back Guarantee can’t exceed the amount you deposited to start your first day of contests. In other words, you can’t make money off the Money Back Guarantee..

…the FanDuel Money Back Guarantee is specifically for new players who didn’t enjoy their first FanDuel experience. If FanDuel isn’t for you, and you take advantage of the Money Back Guarantee, your FanDuel account will be closed…

…Even if you have previously taken advantage of the Money Back Guarantee, you are welcome to reopen your FanDuel account at any time. Before you can continue playing, you simply have to reach out to Customer Support to reactivate your account and repay the amount of money you got back from your Money Back Guarantee.

Some people are now joking that they’ve started their own bets on when FanDuel will be fixed. AC Anderson wrote on Down Detector: “So I bet a friend on when FD would be back up and running. 3 more friends got in (following his time). They just paid up….lmao They said by 8AM EST today….and well….LOL…I said, definitely not before 8….Not even before 12…That may have made up for my poor lineups I picked yesterday…But we will see…..I hope.”

RealitySportsOnline Also Had Issues & Is Hard at Work Updating Stats All Day Today

FanDuel isn’t the only service dealing with technical difficulties all weekend. RealitySportsOnline has also been experiencing issues. They noted on Twitter on Monday that STATS still hasn’t come back online, so they’re working with another provider to populate scoring.

They wrote: “Good morning GMs. As you can see, some scores have been updated. STATS hasn’t come back online but we are working with another provider to populate scoring, which started last night and will continue throughout today. Thanks for your continued patience!”

In additional tweets, RealitySportsOnline said they would be updating stats all day and will be allowing for certain refund options.

In a tweet on Sunday, RealitySportsOnline said they were working with Sports Radar to try to populate some stats, since STATS was still having issues.

RealitySportsOnline’s service interruption was a result of issues experienced by STATS.

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