Chris Paul Appears Perplexed by Steph Curry’s Recent Taunt: WATCH

Steph Curry

Getty Steph Curry had some words for Chris Paul of the Phoenix Suns.

The Golden State Warriors took down the Phoenix Suns at the Chase Center on March 13, winning 123-112 in a game that never felt particularly close.

Klay Thompson led the way for Golden State with a game-high 28 points, shooting a ridiculous 8-of-14 from beyond the arc, and fellow superstar Steph Curry added 23 points, seven rebounds and five assists in the win. At several points during the game, Curry was matched up against the Suns’ 12-time All Star point guard Chris Paul, and he wound up getting the best of Paul on multiple occasions.

After taking the Suns point guard to the hoop, scoring on him and getting an and-one call on top of it, Curry had a blunt message for Paul that sent Twitter into a frenzy.

Steph Shades CP3 After Scoring on Him

First, some context. Back in the spring of 2014, Paul played for the Los Angeles Clippers, who faced Curry and Golden State in the first round of the playoffs. The series was back-and-forth from the get-go, and ultimately, Paul and the Clippers won it in seven games, eliminating the Warriors.

That series must’ve been on Curry’s mind throughout the game, because cameras captured him looking in Paul’s direction saying what appeared to be: “This ain’t 2014 no more.”

The play and Steph’s comment can be seen in the clip below:

Curry, who has missed multiple stretches this year due to injury, seems to be back to his efficient, play-making self. He shot 66.7% from downtown in the Dubs’ win over the Suns, the second time this month he has shot above 60% from 3-point range, also hitting 10-of-16 attempts from distance in the Warriors’ loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder on March 7. So far in March, Steph is shooting 50% from beyond the arc, 51% from the field and is averaging 31.0 points a game.

Chris Paul Responds to Steph’s ‘2014’ Comment

After the game, Paul was asked what his thoughts were regarding Curry’s on-court comments, and in a video shared by Dwayne Rankin of AZ Central,  the veteran appeared baffled by it all.

“S***, I don’t know what happened in 2014,” Paul said. “Y’all tell me — 2014, that was like nine years ago. What happened?”

When he was told Curry had to be referring to the 2014 postseason loss to the Clips, Paul still seemed perplexed — or overtly coy. “What series?” Paul replied, also claiming Curry “didn’t say that to me.”

Paul seemed to sense there were some in the room doubting his memory (or lack of), but he stressed he had no idea what Steph was referring to. “I ain’t trying to be funny,” Paul said with a laugh. “Ya’ll have to ask him.”

Paul did remember one thing about his history with Curry, though.

“[Back in 2009], he spent the whole summer with me and my family,” Paul said about Curry, who was a rookie that year. “You know what I mean? So, I know about 2009. But 2014, what was that? That was my third year with the Clippers? I don’t know. If y’all got time, go ask him,” Paul added.

For his part, Curry says his comment was just competitors being competitive.

“It’s all competition,” Curry said, via 95.7 The Game. “You play against somebody for so many years, and the love I got for him because of our history and all that. It’s just competition back and forth. Give it and take it.”

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