Draymond Green Sounds Off on Current Warriors’ Team Intelligence


As the Golden State Warriors enter their game against the Los Angeles Clippers they are beginning to look like the team most expected them to be this season. With two-time MVP and superstar Stephen Curry as their leader and star forward and former Defensive Player of the Year, Draymond Green helping to orchestrate them they have a chance of turning things around.

Yet having so many new players to the team doesn’t come without a few drawbacks. As seamless as the Warriors offense has looked in the past it was a struggle to get going to start the year.

Some of that is due to players adjusting to one another style of play. Since this NBA season is shortened, as was the offseason, it’s slightly tougher to start out comfortably while still building chemistry.

The rest is due to just not knowing. Green, now receiving more minutes having recovered from coronavirus, has been vital in the team’s resurgence but has also been honest about what it’s been like on the floor.

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Some Warriors ‘Don’t Know Where to Go’


With things being so compact this season players are under duress to put it all together quickly to help their franchise win games. While that is a fair expectation, it doesn’t happen without players having familiarity with one another and that only occurs after they spend more time on the court.

Green talked about this, via NBCSports, recently and opened up about how it’s a challenge but that the team is certainly up to it.

“It’s very important because the reality is, guys don’t know where to go,” Green told the media. “There’s times where I’m out there and I don’t know where to go because we’re all figuring each other out. You’re figuring out where a guy likes to be on the floor, figuring out spacing. So when there are certain situations, it’s important that I’m pointing guys in the right direction. The majority of the time, that leads to Steph flying out on a pin-down or something, and obviously when that happens, he draws so much attention that he creates better looks for everyone else.

“So it’s important that we continue to get that movement, and it’s as important for me to make sure I’m directing that movement and getting guys, helping guys get that understanding.”

Curry Believes Things Are Turning Around


While some may doubt if this Warriors team has it in them to compete for a playoff spot in this tough western conference, Curry isn’t one of them. In fact, Curry was recently quoted, via NBCSports Alex Didion, discussing why he believes the team is “moving in the right direction.”

“I have to do my job, Kelly (Oubre Jr.) has to do his job, Wiggs (Andrew Wiggins) has to do his job, Wise (James Wiseman) has to do his job to make Draymond shine even more with his effort and his IQ,” Curry said. “If there’s slip-ups or anybody is not locked in, it doesn’t work. Obviously, I’m not gonna be the flashiest guy on defense but I can be solid, do my job and hold my responsibility and my matchup down.

“Draymond is gonna plug a lot of holes and bring leadership on that side, and we’re gonna look really good.”

If the Warriors can keep this momentum going they certainly will surprise a lot of people. If not, then this could quickly become a year to forget.

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