Warriors’ Draymond Green Has One Wish for Adam Silver

Draymond Green, Golden State Warriors

Getty Draymond Green #23 of the Golden State Warriors looks on in the third quarter against the Boston Celtics during Game Four of the 2022 NBA Finals at TD Garden on June 10, 2022 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

With the season and the draft in the rearview mirror, the NBA Finals might have felt like a while ago. It was only just three weeks ago, but In the Golden State Warriors‘ first road game in Boston in the Finals, chaos ensued when fans started to chant ‘F you Draymond’ throughout the Garden.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr and Klay Thompson sarcastically said that it was classy during their postgame conferences. Recently, Kerr was on the Point Forward podcast hosted by Andre Iguodala and Evan Turner and reiterated his stance on what the Celtics crowd said.

“I thought they crossed the line,” Kerr explained “I’m all for booing guys, cheering for your own team. The appropriate cheer — if you want to go down that path — is ‘so-and-so sucks, so-and-so sucks.’ … when they were saying ‘F you Draymond,’ 20,000 people, I thought of Draymond’s kid too.”

Draymond’s son DJ was at the game, and Green’s fiancé was incensed after the game with the Boston crowd. However, the NBA commissioner did not find it crossing a line.

“I want fans to enjoy themselves,” NBA commissioner Adam Silver told WCVB after Game 3. “Of course, as the league office, you want to see it done with respect for all the participants. But I get it. I love the energy Boston fans bring to the game.”

Draymond Green Responds to Adam Silver

During an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Green addressed those vitriol comments in Boston with Noah. Initially, the Michigan native thought there were certain things fans should not say, but after what Silver said about it, everything seemed to be fair game.

“I used to feel like fans should be stopped from saying some of the things that they say,” Green told Noah. “Then Commissioner Silver comes out and says, ‘Hey, those Boston fans were great,’ as they’re saying ‘F— you Draymond!’ So I’m like, ‘All right.’”

At this point, Green welcomes those chants, because he would like to cuss back without suffering repercussions.

“So, response to that is, ‘Oh, that’s great, Cool. Can I turn and yell, ‘(Expletive) them?'”

Green got a nice laugh from The Daily Show audience, but as anyone who knows the four-time All-Star personality, he meant every word he said.

The defensive stalwart just wants to make sure that he would not get fined. He made sure to mention that during his appearance on the Daily Show.

“So, what’d I’d say to the commish is, ‘No problem, that was fine, let them do their thing. But let me do my thing, and don’t hit my pocketbook.'”

Draymond Green – From Underdog to 4x NBA Champion | The Daily Show“The moment we finish, I’m standing up on the podium, and I’m like, this is crazy. It’s wild. How do we get back here?” Four-time Golden State Warriors NBA champion Draymond Green discusses his podcast “The Draymond Green Show,” the misconception of what makes a player “soft,” and how he responds to smack talk from…2022-06-28T14:39:49Z

Players have always been fined severely when they respond to fans verbally or through gestures. Green is no stranger to these types of fines, and he likely will continue to get fined in the future.

Draymond Green Admits the Chant Rattled Him at First

During a live podcast sit down with JJ Redick’s The Old Man and the Three, Green talked about how he surprisingly was shook when the chants started to happen.

“I was a little rattled, and I’m never rattled at an opponent because it was just unexpected. You expect the boos, you expect people screaming at you, but I never expected 21,000 people yelling ‘F you Draymond’.”

This is rather shocking, considering Green has always been the most hated opponent, so he must have heard all types of insults and cussing directed at him. The fact he said he was not expecting that, shows just how loud and wild a lot of New England fans are.

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