Warriors’ Steve Kerr: Lakers Might Be a Dynasty in the Making


Not only did the Los Angeles Lakers win the NBA title last year, but they seem to be the front runners for the title again so far this season. Lebron James and the Lakers are 11-3 for the season and are also winning by an average of 11.0 points, more than any other team in the league.

Golden State Warriors’ coach Steve Kerr isn’t surprised. With eight NBA championships under his belt — as both a player and coach — Kerr is aware of the slump that sometimes comes to a team after they win the title. In an interview during the Warriors’ practice on Sunday, Kerr made a comparison of the Lakers team so far to one of the greatest teams in NBA history that Kerr happened to be a part of.

Kerr Compares the Lakers to His Own Team


Kerr believes that the Lakers are on track to leave an impression on the league this season. He also thinks that the Lakers possess the confidence of a championship team while not appearing to be burned out like other championship teams of the past. As Kerr said:

They have the confidence that comes with winning a championship and they don’t have the fatigue that comes with winning multiple championships. This is really a sweet spot. It’s where we found ourselves the year we won 73.

You come back and it’s almost like a continuation of your championship season. You’re on top of the world. Everybody’s happy. You add some layers to what you already did. [And you have] deeper confidence in what you’re doing.

This is not typically what others believe happens to a team in the following year after a championship. Succeeding a season after a championship, it typically is much harder to repeat because most teams’ goals are to take down the reigning champs. Kerr however doesn’t agree with this belief noting how confidence can lead a team to success.

Curry Agrees With Kerr’s Evaluation


Like Kerr, Warriors’ All-Star Steph Curry has experienced first hand what it’s like to play a season fresh off of a championship win.

“Once you get to that mountaintop, it’s an unreal feeling [and you] try to carry that over to the next season,” Curry said per the Warriors’ SoundCloud. “Obviously, the constantly of how they play, [their] chemistry — they have an identity and they know how to play off each other. Everyone’s playing a role and doing their part. It’s no coincidence how they’re starting off.”

The Warriors are set to match up against the Lakers on Monday at Staples Center. Although the Warriors are missing Klay Thompson, the matchup is still heavily anticipated, an ex-NBA dynasty against what could potentially be the next one.

With most of their players under contract until at least 2023, it’s possible that the Lakers will not just have this season as title contenders, but potentially the next few years.

The Warriors are currently sitting at 6-6 ahead of this game against the Lakers. Following a tough season leaving the Warriors in last place in the league, Golden State hopes to bounce back and be playoff contenders with its newly remodeled roster.

After appearing in the Finals for five straight years, high expectations, roster issues, and injuries plagued the Warriors and led them to the state that they’re in now. Kerr sees a part of the Warriors dynasty from years ago in the Lakers now. n 2015-16, the second year of their dynasty, the Warriors set an NBA record with a 73-win season.

Kerr obviously has positive thoughts about this Lakers team, but that doesn’t diminish his hopes of being playoff contenders with his Golden State Warriors.

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