Kevin Durant Sounds Off on Warriors Championship in Latest Comments

Kevin Durant

Getty Images Kevin Durant of the Brooklyn Nets.

Kevin Durant delivered some strong comments about the Golden State Warriors‘ latest championship on his podcast, pushing back against certain narratives that have emerged about his relationship with his former team.

Durant’s post-Warriors career hasn’t gone as planned since he departed following the 2018-19 season. His Nets entered this season as the title favorite but ended up getting swept in the first round by the Boston Celtics.

After the early exit, Durant watched as Stephen Curry helped propel the well-rounded Warriors to their fourth title in eight years. While it might have been a blow to his ego, Durant contends that he still was cheering for the Warriors to add to their dynasty.

“I like those dudes. Like, I played basketball with those guys and I was a part of that dynasty that they’re building right now,” Durant said on his podcast “The ETCs.” “I have some pride — like, damn, I was a part of something special, even though it was only two championships out of the four. We had some amazing times. To see them finish it and continue it, yeah, you have a sense of pride to be a part of that.”

Durant Just Wanted to ‘Enjoy’ Warriors Title

Postseason With Kevin DurantKevin Durant returns to The ETCs podcast with plenty to talk about. The guys kick things off discussing the 2022 NBA Draft and top prospects like Jabari Smith Jr., Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren, Jaden Ivey and more. Then KD talks about the state of the Brooklyn Nets and Kyrie Irving's pending decisions on his potential…2022-06-24T15:41:30Z

Durant won a pair of championships with the Warriors and was named the Finals MVP twice. He’s never been shy to clap back at his critics and did not enjoy hearing some talking heads say he’d react negatively to Golden State’s success.

“That’s why I be feeling like y’all just be hating on a god. What have I done for you to want to discredit everything?” Durant said. “I put in a lot of work for this game. I been at it for 15, 16 years. You’ll think I’m a six-year veteran in the league the way people talk about me. Like I ain’t did s–t before I went to Golden State.”

Durant also took some time to call out members of the Bay Area media who went after him for how his tenure in gold and blue ended.

“My presence probably was just doing it. ‘Oh, you came back on a one-year deal.’ It’s like, why is that such a problem?’” Durant said. “Why is that making you feel a way? That I didn’t sign a three-year deal to stay here? Why is that a problem? That has nothing to do with how I’m operating in the locker room.”

Kevin Durant Calls Steph Curry’s Performance ‘Iconic’

Durant did have some nice things to say about Curry, who snatched his first Finals MVP trophy to cap off a massive postseason. Curry was a menace for most of the series against the Celtics but his 43-point Game 4 performance drew some mighty praise from KD.

“That Game 4 was iconic to me,” Durant said. “It’s like much more than just the win, that game right there was just like, alright, this is one of the greatest we’ve ever seen. And in that environment and the shots he was making … and the rebounds though. It was the rebounds for me, ’cause playing with Steph, that’s how I know he’s super, super engaged when he’s on the boards heavy. Coming over somebody’s back … so it’s just like, he really wants this.”

Durant’s future is currently in limbo and his time with the Nets could be running out. With Kyrie Irving possibly on his way out, Durant could also look to bolt for a new situation.

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