Warriors Big Man Credits One Person to Persist Through Tough Times


Getty Kevon Looney and Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors during a January game against the Sacramento Kings.

Kevon Looney was simply magical against the Dallas Mavericks in Game 2.


With the Golden State Warriors trailing by more than double digits most of the first half, Looney took it upon himself and went 5-of-6 shooting, scoring 11 points in the third quarter. He almost singlehandedly outscored Dallas in the quarter.

The big man finished with 21 points and 12 rebounds. It was the first time Looney scored over 20 points in his professional career, and the first time he finished with over 20 since his freshman year at UCLA.

Additionally, it was the first time a Warriors center had a 20/10 playoff game in 45 years by Hall of Famer Robert Parish.

Looney was asked if he remembered when he last scored 20 points, but he wasn’t too sure.

“Probably college. Maybe the Drew League, but I don’t count that,” Looney said after Game 2. “But yeah, college probably.”

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Kevon Looney Talks About Early Career Struggles

Drafted 30th overall in the 2015 NBA Draft, Looney was projected to go in the top-20.

He was even invited by the NBA to go into the Green Room and sat with his family while patiently waiting for his number to be called.

“Getting invited into the Green Room, I was like, ‘Oh man, this is a dream come true,” Looney tells FOX Sports Melissa Rohlin. “But then to not get called until the 30th pick, you watch everyone get drafted, not knowing when you’re going to get picked or not. I actually left and came back. It was great, but sad at the same time. That put a chip on my shoulder.”

During the start of his career, Looney was a non-factor. Troubled with injuries, he played in just 58 games during his first two years. Because of the lack of play, the Dubs declined his fourth-year option and did not know if he had a future with the team.

“We didn’t know what we had,” Kerr said after Game 2. “And then his third year he has a great year, it’s like, uh oh, we might lose this guy.”

Looney’s play gradually improved over the years, and he credited his father for persevering and battling through any struggles he had.

“Just from my dad really,” Looney tells Fox Sports. “Growing up watching him work 7 days a week, never complaining about nothing. Just go to work, clock in, clock out. And still, have time for me and the family is something I learn from him, how to be a professional.”

That professionalism stands out the most amongst his teammates. Draymond Green mentioned it as he complimented Looney after Game 2.

“The same professional he is today, he was when he came in the league.”

Warriors Fans Shower Looney with MVP Chants

At one point during the second half, Looney was at the charity stripe shooting free throws. Fans around Chase Center started to chant “MVP” as the big man shot his one free throw.

“It was nerve-racking. I hadn’t had shot a free throw in like three weeks in a game,” Looney said. “It was a cool moment for me. I’m just glad I made the free throw.”

Although Looney is a 60.6% career free-throw shooter, he converted it. It made sense, especially with him having a career night.

Steph Curry, the one who normally gets all the MVP chants, praised the fans and Looney interaction after the game.


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