Frustrated Steph Curry Calls Out Warriors Mistakes


The Golden State Warriors are struggling to establish a rhythm this season and have yet to achieve three wins in a row. After grabbing two back-to-back wins from the Minnesota Timberwolves, the team couldn’t achieve a third on Thursday night, losing 114-93 to the Phoenix Suns.

After an upsetting loss on Thursday, Warriors’ Steph Curry was obviously frustrated with how the team performed. In his postgame interview, the All-Star gave his honest take on why the Warriors are struggling to succeed.

Steph Curry Identifies What’s Wrong


In his interview, Curry pointed out how the team will have multiple stretches in a game where they simply don’t play well. This seems to be the reason they have been experiencing some tough losses, per the Warriors’ SoundCloud.

When the games are in the margins for us this year, the common theme is that in certain 3 or 4 minute windows, we don’t play with the right intentions.

During last night’s matchup specifically, the Warriors were showing good signs during the first half keeping up on offense and even played effectively going into the second half. Progressively, the Suns’ lead began to get larger and larger and the Warriors weren’t able to recover.

Curry says that the Warriors are lacking that dynamic energy that the team once had years ago. Although the team has been on the losing end of quite a few blowouts this season, there have also been some games where the Warriors could have easily come out with the win, and Thursday’s loss against the Suns is a prime example.

Curry led the team with 27 points for the night while Andrew Wiggins followed with 16 points and Eric Paschall put up 12. The rest of the team didn’t enter double digits. The Warriors still are having major issues on the defensive side allowing opposing teams to score a lot. Seven players on the Suns managed to score in double digits in this matchup.

There is No Consistency


Beating the Lakers just last week proves that the Warriors are capable of being a successful team, however they fail to put up consistent performances like that every game

Kelly Oubre Jr., who shot 1 of 11 from the field against his former team, played a role in the Warriors’ downfall, although they were missing star Devin Booker. Rumors of a trade involving the Ex-Sun have arisen and the Warriors’ newbie has been trying to prove himself. After having one of his best performances of the season on Wednesday, he fell short against his former team.

After this loss to the Suns, the Warriors dropped out of the top eight in the Western Conference standings and now sit at 10-9. The team will look to hopefully get a win on Saturday against the Detroit Pistons. Hopefilly’s Curry’s statement will influence the Warriors to play better.

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