Analysts Sound Off on Draymond Green’s Inconsistent Play

Draymond green

Getty Richaun Holmes #22 of the Sacramento Kings tries to steal ball from Draymond Green #23 of the Golden State Warriors.

The Golden State Warriors have had trouble at times keeping pace with points scored by other teams this 2020-21 NBA season. Going back to the 2014-15 NBA season, the Warriors have usually led the NBA in points.

Only once during the 2018-19 season and last season as their stars were hurt have the Warriors not led the league. This season, the team ranks 15th in points scored per game.

Part of this decline is due to their All-Star guard Klay Thompson being out with his torn right Achilles. The other major piece is this current group of Warriors looking for consistent scoring outside of their two-time MVP Steph Curry.

However, one Warriors star is beginning to face backlash on social media for not “showing up in the stat sheet.”

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Former NBA Champion Turned Analyst Calls Out Green

Kendrick Perkins

GettyPaul Pierce #34 and Kendrick Perkins #43 of the Boston Celtics are restrained during an altercatoin in the NBA game against the Phoenix Suns.

Former Boston Celtic and current ESPN NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins is known for not holding his tongue and making bold statements. Following the Los Angeles Clippers loss in the NBA Playoffs last season he made sure to remind his ESPN colleagues of all the claims they made about how the Clippers would eventually become champions.

This past week, Perkins turned his eyes towards the Warriors. Following the Warriors win against the Minnesota Timberwolves, and prior to their Phoenix Suns loss, Perkins took to social media to call out Green for his lack of filling the stat sheet.

“Okay it’s time for Draymond Green to give more,” Perkins tweeted. “I love the things he do that don’t show up in the stat sheet but now it’s time for him to actually start showing up in the stat sheet!

While the majority of Green’s impact isn’t on the stat sheet Golden State could use a boost from their defensive savant on the offensive end. For his career, Green averages 8.9 points per game, 6.8 rebounds, while shooting 31.7% from the three-point line and 43.4% from the field.

This season has been a step back as he currently averages 4.9 points, 4.6 rebounds, shooting 22.6% from the three-point line, and 34.6% from the field. Excluding his rookie year, every stat from this season is a career-low.

Actor Turned NBA Analyst Also Calls Out Green


Yet Perkins isn’t the only NBA analyst calling out the former Defensive Player of the Year. Comedian and actor turned Fox Sports 1 NBA analyst Michael Rapaport also took to social media to call out Green for not affecting “the game.”

“We all know he ‘effects’ the game in ways that we don’t see on the stat sheet,” Rapaport stated via Yahoo Sports. “BUT maybe also start effecting the game in ways that WE do see on the stat sheet? You’re a power forward, you can’t average 10 points and 8 rebounds? Listen, at some point, you have to start affecting the game in ways that show up on the stat sheet.”

This season has been up and down for Green as he began the year missing the Warriors training camp due to testing positive for coronavirus. Furthermore, he missed their first 4 games recovering from injury.

If the Warriors have hopes of halting their struggles on the offensive end it may be time for Green to start shooting more than usual.

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