Warriors’ Coach Steve Kerr Recalls Fining Drake, Inspiring Lyrics for the Pop Star’s Album


A few years ago, Drake needed a ride from the Bay Area to Los Angeles. Fortunately, the rapper was able to conveniently ride along with the Golden State Warriors on the team plane since they were headed that way. However, due to tardiness, the trip ended up costing Drake, Stephen Curry , and Draymond Green $500. Head coach Steve Kerr detailed this story before Sunday’s game against the Toronto Raptors.

Steve Kerr Recalls Fining Drake


During the Golden State Warriors’ most recent Finals series against the Toronto Raptors, Canadian rapper Drake became a popular antagonist in the eyes of the Bay Area. Drake was an adamant supporter of the Raptors, being courtside for almost every game of the series, obnoxiously cheering for his home team against Golden State in that Finals series.

The Warriors weren’t able to keep Drake and the Raptors down, losing in the 2019 NBA Finals series 4-2.

Even before the 2019 Finals series, Drake would often be in Oracle arena to cheer on his friend Steph Curry and the Warriors.

In an interview with the media ahead of Sunday’s matchup against the Raptors on Sunday, shared a funny story about having to fine the icon Drake and his two All-Stars Curry and Green due to their tardiness talking to Drake before a team flight.

“Years ago, we were flying to L.A. after our home game. … And Steph and Draymond weren’t on the plane at the departure time … And Steph said, ‘Oh my fault, I’m with Drake and Draymond, we’re at the arena still.’ … We had a team rule at the time that you could bring a friend on the plane a couple times a year. And unbeknownst to me, Steph decided to use one of his slots for Drake. So Drake got on the plane that night with Draymond and Steph, and I fined all three of them for being late. And Drake paid his $500 fine” Kerr recalled, per the Warriors’ SoundCloud.

Kerr depicts that there used to be a team rule where players could bring a friend with them on flights with the team a few times a year and Curry used one of his on the rap icon Drake. A long conversation resulted in the rapper and the two players having to pay.

Steph Curry Confirms the Story, There’s Lyrics About it


The Warriors were able to achieve their small piece of regular-season revenge against the Raptors in the Chase Center barely making it out in a 106-105 victory.

Curry confirmed his coach’s story of the Warrior’s plane ride with Drake after the game in a postgame conference with reporters.

“We got stuck in the Oracle parking lot … headed to L.A. on a back-to-back, and me and Draymond were definitely late,” said Curry per the Warriors SoundCloud. Just chopping it up with Drake in the parking lot. I think he put it in a song, him taking the team plane from Oracle.”

The song that Curry is referencing is titled “Free Smoke” on Drake’s More Life album. Drake has mentioned the Warriors in a lot of his lyrics over the years, specifically Curry and Draymond.

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