Joe Burrow’s Girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher Is Ready for Cincy Super Bowl

Olivia Holzmacher

Getty Joe Burrow's girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher is the Bengals quarterback's biggest fan.

Few people have had an up-close look at Joe Burrow’s career like his longtime girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher. In addition to the latest Bengals playoff games, Holzmacher’s Instagram page is full of photos with Burrow dating back to his college days at both LSU and Ohio State.

After the Bengals’ comeback win over the Chiefs to advance to the Super Bowl, Holzmacher took to social media to celebrate the big win. Holzmacher posted a photo with Burrow’s now viral postgame look with the quarterback wearing a black turtleneck along with a gold chain.

“Yeah, I don’t know, I don’t really consciously think about it,” Burrow said of his style during a February 7 press conference. “I just wear stuff that I think I would like. It’s not like I’m shopping and be like, ‘Oh, everyone would love this.’ I just have always kind of not cared what anybody thinks about what I wear, what I do and I just wear stuff that I like.”

Here is a look at Holzmacher’s photos from the Bengals’ AFC Championship win.

Holzmacher Sent Burrow a Heartfelt Message on Draft Night in 2020

The Bengals selected Burrow with the No. 1 pick of the 2020 NFL draft, one that was unique given the pandemic as players were all attending virtually with just a select few family members. Holzmacher sent her favorite quarterback a heartfelt message as he officially began his NFL career.

“Tonight a new chapter starts for you!” Holzmacher said during a April 23, 2020 Instagram post. “Thankful to be by your side joe and to be a part of the the past three seasons. I’ve had the best experiences and met the best people along the way. So excited for what the future holds. Tonight will be once in a lifetime night for you.”

Holzmacher Is an Analyst for Kroger

According to Holzmacher’s Linkedin profile, she works as a senior process specialist and analyst at Kroger dating back to February 2019.

“Builds dashboards and visualizations for Kroger’s Ecommerce Pickup & Delivery services,” Holzmacher said describing her job description. “Provides insight to operational metrics and customer experiences.”

The Couple Has a Low-Key Relationship

Burrow prefers to keep their relationship out of the spotlight, aside from the rare social media post. A source told US Weekly that Burrow and Holzmacher have had a “low-key” relationship going back to their college days. The couple met while attending Ohio State together.

“They were always very low-key,” the source told US Weekly. “It’s not surprising they are still together.”

As Burrow continues to find success on the football field, it is going to be challenging for the couple to keep that “low-key” relationship. During an interview with The Athletic’s Bill Shea, The Marketing Arm’s vice president Matt Fleming explained that Burrow’s life will likely change after the Super Bowl.

“There’s a ton of potential for him, particularly if they win, but even if they don’t, he’s proven himself at different levels of his career,” Fleming noted. “He’s going to have plenty of national opportunities coming this offseason. He’s put himself in a great position if he wants to pursue those things.”

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