Brittany Mahomes Witnesses Jaguars Fan’s Indecent Act: ‘Today Gonna Be Fun’

Getty Brittany Mahomes, wife of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes’s wife, Brittany Mahomes, saw more than she wanted to of a Jacksonville Jaguars fan ahead of the Chiefs-Jaguars matchup at Arrowhead Stadium for the Divisional Round of the AFC Playoffs.

“Just saw a Jaguars fan, whip it out and pee on a lamp post on ward parkway…while his friend videoed lololololol Today gonna be fun,” Brittany wrote on Twitter a few hours before kickoff at Arrowhead.

Other Twitter users reacted to Brittany’s post.

“Oh no lol. My husband walked into the men’s bathroom at Paycor & found a guy passed out at the urinal. Last years playoff game against the Raiders.”

“I’m telling you though, they surprised me with the amount of disrespect Jags fans have had for the Chiefs and our city.. I say send em home with some KC BBQ that they can eat while watching the Chiefs play next weekend!!” another user wrote.

“Maybe they’re like a dog? Leaving a trail to find their way back out of town,” another user wrote. “To be fair, I get directionally challenged driving through there on a cloudy day. Never thought to leave a trail though. … oh people smh.”

Coach Spags Talks Patrick Mahomes’s Evolution

The defensive coordinator in the NFL that’s gotten the most reps against Patrick Mahomes is Chiefs defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo, who has four seasons worth of practice reps against Kansas City’s superstar QB.

Speaking to the media on January 18, Spagnuolo discussed the difficulty of defending against a player like Mahomes, who continues to evolve how he plays the quarterback position.

“Yeah. You know what always amazes me about our whole offensive group is how well they know each other,” Spags explained during his press conference. “It’s like Travis (Kelce) knows exactly where Patrick (Mahomes) is, what he’s going to do when he scrambles to his right or his left. Obviously, Travis has been the one that’s been here the most but even Jerick (McKinnon), it just feels like he knows where Pat’s going to be. To me, that’s the most amazing thing. How they get that, I’ll never know.

“And Patrick’s a typical elite player. He makes the other 10 guys around him better and you see that all the time. You see it in practice, you see it on the field – when I get to watch a couple of plays. (I’m) always impressed with (him). I don’t know if that helps you with the question you’re asking.”

Matt Nagy Talks Mahomes’s Ability to Reset

Chiefs quarterbacks coach Matt Nagy discussed during his presser on January 18 Mahomes’s special ability to reset — essentially wipe his mind clear each week to help with preparation for the next game.

“The focus that [Patrick Mahomes] has is what I think is special. Now that we get into the playoffs and it’s become – since he’s been playing it’s almost become something that’s common for him but at the same point in time – and us as a team. But for him to be able to reset and have that bye week I think helps just the mindset of where he’s at mentally, preparation-wise, and then also physically just trying to really step back (and) do a little self-scout schematically but then also on himself, with where he’s at.

“He’s just so locked in right now and it has not changed, literally, from when I first got here in OTA’s but when I really noticed it was training camp and then from day one, week one until now, he’s not changing. He is very, very focused on our opponent. He’s very focused on staying within the system and doing what he does best (and) not losing what he adlibs on but at the same point in time that’s probably one of his greatest strengths that we don’t talk enough about.”

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