Chiefs DT Chris Jones Details Being Pranked at Camp With Fake Bobcat [LOOK]

Chris Jones

Getty Kansas City Chiefs star defensive tackle Chris Jones' Week 5 status is still up in the air.

Being at training camp away from friends and family is a grind for NFL players and staffers, so some of them try to lighten the mood during that time by playing pranks on each other. Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones was the recipient of one of these pranks this year in St. Joseph, Missouri.

While on the set of NFL Network on Aug. 8, Jones detailed a prank pulled on him this year which involved a fake bobcat in his dorm room at Missouri Western State University.

“Our head security guy, Brian Shafar, has a sense of humor…I was going late night, coming home from a day off, coming to my room, and I opened the door and I see this bad boy looking at me, and I didn’t know if it was worst to run because I knew it would chase me if I ran,” Jones explained while sitting next to the fake bobcat on set.

“They had a speaker there that sounded like a bobcat growling at me. I 1froze for a minute, but I got myself together quickly and realized it was fake.”

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JuJu Roasted Over ‘Hardest Practice’ Comment

Aug. 1 marked the first day NFL teams were allowed to wear pads during training camp practices. That led to much more energy, aggression, and as Chiefs wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster put it: the hardest practice of his NFL career.

“Today was the hardest practice of my NFL career! & we’re just getting started,” JuJu wrote on Twitter.

While it might have felt like the hardest practice of his NFL career, it definitely wasn’t the longest, which one Chiefs reporter took the opportunity to mention.

“What’s particularly funny about this is Andy Reid said in his opening statement: ‘A little shorter practice by league rules’,” Sam McDowell of the Kansas City Star wrote in response to JuJu’s tweet.

The hot weather in St. Joseph, Missouri during the summer is unmatched when comparing it to other training camp sites around the NFL. So while it might have been one of the shorter practices based on NFL standards, the heat paired with putting pads on for the first time this summer likely made practice very uncomfortable for Chiefs players.

Twitter Reacts to JuJu’s Tweet

JuJu’s tweet sparked many comments, some of which speculated he might be taking a shot at the Pittsburgh Steelers, the team that drafted him and he spent the first five seasons of his NFL career with.

“Tomlin runs a soft a*s program over there. He lets his guys get away with anything and keeps bad sh*t from going public. I’m sure you used to at least respect JuJu’s talent. Wait til you see what he does with a QB that’s actually HOF worthy, who’s arm hadn’t been dead for 3yrs!” one Twitter user wrote.

“Don’t start throwing shade because The Steelers didn’t want you. I still rocked with you and defended you but not if you’re going to be ‘unprofessional’ about it,” another user wrote.

“Man steeler fans must all have a wedgie with the hate I’m seeing here. Juju has even talked about going back to Pitt. Not sure why he’d want to with this crowd,” another user wrote.

“Kansas City in July and August is 100 degrees and humidity. It’s like being trapped in hell. Andy Reid is known for having one of the toughest camps in the NFL. I don’t think he was dissing, just stating how hot it is here and how tough Andy’s camps are,” another user wrote.

“If you were still a Steeler, I’d have a little bit of sympathy for you. But the Black & Gold, is working harder,” another user wrote.

“I’m a Steelers fan and have no issue with this. As much as people may not like he left, they have to realize he has to do what’s best for him in the end. Still wish he was a Steeler and hope he comes back some day,” another user wrote.


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