Frank Clark Sounds Off on Chiefs Signing His Potential Replacement

Getty Former Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark.

Exactly a week after news broke on March 7 that the Kansas City Chiefs would be releasing veteran defensive end Frank Clark, the defending Super Bowl champions signed a free agent that could potentially replace Clark and do so at a much cheaper rate. That player is defensive end Charles Omenihu, who signed a two-year deal with the Chiefs that’s worth a maximum of $20 million, according to Jordan Schultz of the Score on March 14.

Clark must not have liked what he was hearing/reading about Omenihu being his potential replacement in Kansas City, as he took to Twitter to sound off on the matter on March 15.

“The only person that can replace Frank Clark is Frank Clark,” he wrote. “Who you think they ask and watch?”

Prior to that tweet, Clark had revealed that he played through a rather serious injury during the Chiefs’ 2019 Super Bowl-winning season.

“Wasn’t even cleared to play football after that Pinch nerve in my neck in ‘19,” he wrote.
“I flew back from seeing doc in LA and told the chiefs I would finish the season while telling the world we would win the super bowl.”

Twitter Compares Charles Omenihu to Frank Clark

Frank Clark might have seen some of the many Twitter users comparing him to Charles Omenihu.

“Charles Omenihu’s strip sack against the Seahawks in the Wild Card round was one of the biggest plays of the entire season,” one Twitter user wrote. “Respect. Best of luck in KC! Wouldn’t be shocked at all to see him top Frank Clark’s sack production lol.”

“Charles Omenihu is such a Spags signing but he’s got more athleticism than your typical Spags edge and he’s an upgrade over Frank Clark for a much lesser cap hit,” another user wrote. “I think [Brett] Veach hit it out of the park here.”

“Charles Omenihu has played well in a rotational role for the 49ers. Expect he’ll do the same as the Frank Clark replacement in KC,” another user wrote.

Charles Omenihu Cheaper, More Versatile Than Frank Clark

As much as Frank Clark might not like being compared to Charles Omenihu, it’s hard not to compare the two when considering the quick turnover from one to the other on the Chiefs’ roster.

Adding Omenihu to Kansas City’s defense provides yet another versatile piece for defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo to play around with. During his career, Omenihu has played 848 snaps along the edge, 464 over the offensive tackle, 414 over the B-gap, and 173 over the A-gap, according to PFF. That means he has played an abundance of snaps at every position along the defensive line.

Frank Clark’s snaps along the defensive line aren’t as diverse as Omenihu’s. Take the 2022 season for example, when Clark recorded 684 snaps along the edge, 18 over the offensive tackle, and 13 over the B-gap, per PFF.

Omenihu had 9 fewer total pressures than Frank Clark (54) during the 2022 regular season but also played 145 fewer defensive snaps than Clark (715).

When comparing contracts, Clark’s 2023 salary cap hit ($28.6 million) was going to be significantly larger than what Omenihu’s is (an estimated $5.8 million, per The Athletic’s Nate Taylor).

That’s why when comparing Frank Clark and Charles Omenihu, Omenihu is a value financially for the Chiefs in 2023.

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