Jackson Mahomes Says He’s Leaving KC, Names Where He’s Moving

Jackson Mahomes

Getty Patrick Mahomes' brother, Jackson Mahomes, celebrating the Chiefs' AFC Championship win.

Jackson Mahomes, brother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, made a big announcement regarding a change of scenery for the polarizing social media influencer.

Jackson took to Twitter to announce that he would no longer live in Kansas City, and he shared where he would move this summer.

“im moving to LA in July,” Mahomes wrote on March 1.

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Mahomes’ decision to leave the town where his brother plays football might have to do with the media’s coverage of him. Awesomo captured screenshots from his Instagram Story in which Mahomes said: “I hate media/news it’s destroying my life…” and  “broken/sad/disrespected.”

The posts appeared later on the same day he announced he was moving to Los Angeles. However, some Twitter users said they believed Mahomes’ posts referred to his not being invited to his brother’s bachelor party, which took place during the last weekend in February. In pictures of Patrick’s bachelor weekend in Las Vegas — published by the New York Post — Jackson was not in any of them.

Jackson Blasted on TikTok by Small Business

Some of Mahomes’ latest antics led to his being blasted on TikTok by a small business.

Mahomes, 21, had contacted a company called Rare Munchiez to tell them he loved their snack products and would like a care package, according to TMZ. Sam Farha, the owner of Rare Munchiez, told TMZ that the company had agreed to send Mahomes a care package as long as he posted Rare Munchiez on his Instagram page.

Mahomes supposedly received the care package but did not follow through on posting about Rare Munchiez and ignored multiple messages from Farha, according to the TMZ story published February 26.

“It’s not like he wasn’t seeing our messages,” Farha said. “He was opening them every time I sent a message. He looked at all my DMs for two weeks straight.”

Farha did eventually get a response from Mahomes. But it came only after Farha took to TikTok to put Mahomes on blast, per TMZ. Farha posted a video on the Rare Munchiez TikTok account describing their agreement and showing screenshots of their direct messages to each other.


@jacksonmahomes you didn’t have to lie to us 😔 #raremunchiez #mahomes #scammed #viral #storytime #fyp

♬ Forever – Labrinth

The Rare Munchiez TikTok account has over 500,000 followers and the post about Mahomes had over 140,000 views.

According to TMZ, Mahomes told Farha that he never received the care package. But Farha showed a screenshot of the package’s tracking information, which indicated that the package had been delivered to Mahomes.

Twitter Reacts to Jackson Leaving KC

Twitter users reacted to the news of Mahomes announcing his July move from Kansas City to Los Angeles, along with the posts on his Instagram Story.

“Are you a celebrity? I’ve heard your name before? Why do I care you are moving to LA?” one Twitter user wrote.

“My best advice for Jackson Mahomes is something all are parents said to us … get a job and don’t do stupid shit unless you are willing to pay the consequences! Check and Check,” another user wrote.

“Im sure the people where you currently live are very happy about that. LA? Not so much,” another user wrote.


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Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown
1 year ago

Jackson had a problem dealing with the press in KC. I’m certain the fame starved young man will find the press much more noninvasive in LA.