Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman Roasted on Twitter for Viral Food Take

Mecole Hardman Chiefs

Getty Chiefs WR Mecole Hardman enters his third NFL season in 2021.

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes has been widely known as having the weirdest food take on the Kansas City Chiefs, as he loves to put ketchup on many things, whether it be in between two pieces of bread, on a steak, on mac and cheese, etc. But Chiefs receiver Mecole Hardman is catching everyone’s attention recently for his controversial food take.

The Chiefs’ social media team posted a video on their TikTok account in which they asked players and coaches if a hotdog is a sandwich. Hardman was one of three players that said a hotdog is indeed a sandwich, with the other two players being safety Justin Reid and defensive tackle Derrick Nnadi.

After the video went viral, Hardman took to Twitter to defend his take and went viral as well.

“A hot dog is a sandwich and water is NOT wet. Goodnight,” he wrote on Aug. 11.

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Twitter Reacts to Hardman’s Take

Twitter users reacted to Hardman’s take on hot dogs.

“Mecole Hardman taking the correct stance in the Hot Dog-sandwich debate,” one Twitter user wrote.

“How does something get wet? Have you ever seen a stand alone water that’s not touching another water? Water is indeed wet,” another user wrote.

“Correct! A sandwich is defined as having two or more slices of bread or a split roll with a filling. Water is not wet. It has the ability to make other things wet by adhering to the surface of a solid. Water does not have a solid surface,” another user wrote.

“Both are true. A sub-sandwich is no different than a hotdog. Water can’t be wet. “Wetness” is the ability for liquid to adhere to the surface of something else. Liquid water can’t be wet!” another user wrote.

“You should of closed it down before this tweet n slept on it. Goodnight,” another user wrote.

Chris Jones Details Being Pranked at Camp With Fake Bobcat

Being at training camp away from friends and family is a grind for NFL players and staffers, so some of them try to lighten the mood during that time by playing pranks on each other. Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones was the recipient of one of these pranks this year in St. Joseph, Missouri.

While on the set of NFL Network on Aug. 8, Jones detailed a prank pulled on him this year which involved a fake bobcat in his dorm room at Missouri Western State University.

“Our head security guy, Brian Shafar, has a sense of humor…I was going late night, coming home from a day off, coming to my room, and I opened the door and I see this bad boy looking at me, and I didn’t know if it was worst to run because I knew it would chase me if I ran,” Jones explained while sitting next to the fake bobcat on set.

“They had a speaker there that sounded like a bobcat growling at me. I 1froze for a minute, but I got myself together quickly and realized it was fake.”


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