Twitter Roasts Cris Collinsworth for Praising Chiefs’ Daniel Sorensen

Getty Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen

During the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday night game against the Buffalo Bills in Week 5, some unwarranted praise was sent in the direction of a Chiefs defender by one of NBC’s commentators.

During the second quarter, Sunday Night Football analyst Cris Collinsworth commented on a 61-yard catch by Bills receiver Stefon Diggs, who was tackled by Chiefs safety Daniel Sorensen on the play.

“Tough night for Daniel Sorensen, who typically has been one of the better players on this defense,” said Collinsworth. Here’s a clip of that play, via the NFL’s official Twitter page:

Through four weeks of the regular season, Sorensen has garnered a 40.4 overall grade by PFF, which is third-worst on the Chiefs. He leads the league in missed tackles, being the only one to register double-digits in that category with 10.

Because of the discrepancy between what fans are seeing from Sorensen on the field and Collinsworth’s comments regarding the veteran safety, people on Twitter took the time to throw shade at Collinsworth for his bizarre opinion.

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Twitter Reacts

“Cris Collinsworth doesn’t know the Chiefs at all. ‘Daniel Sorensen is one of the best Chiefs players on the defense.’ Uh no,” wrote @JasonXGeronzin.

“Cris Collinsworth just described Dan Sorensen as one of the best players on the KC defense, and now I will stop this thread and throw my phone into the maw of a volcano,” wrote @jeremyneely.

“Hes been one of the better players on this defense -Cris Collinsworth on Dan Sorensen. Someone might need to check Cris for dementia,” @TheBaconIsBack wrote.

“Cris Collinsworth just said Sorensen is one of the better players on the defense… just say you don’t watch Chiefs games,” wrote @westonndavis.

Sorensen on Defensive Miscues, Bills

Sorensen got to speak with the media on Wednesday, October 6, and was asked about cleaning up the miscommunications that have happened on defense through the first month of the regular season.

“Hey, that’s what we’re out here to do. We’re going to go out here today and tomorrow and Friday and put in work and hammer away at it,” Sorenson said. “Each week you expect to improve and that’s what we talk about is chase improvement. So, we’ll identify areas that we need to get better at, and there’s lots of them honestly, and we’ll just keep chipping away at it like we always do and then continue to improve week in and week out.”

He was also asked about the Bills and what’s different about their team compared to when the two teams met in the AFC championship game last season.

“Yeah, we got to see them twice last year, got very familiar with their personnel for the most part, same guys,” said Sorensen. “So, a few additions with [Emmanuel] Sanders and things like that. I think we know who they are, and it’ll be a great matchup. We’re excited to compete against them. They’re a great football team. They’re coming into Arrowhead, so it’ll be a fun game. It’ll be really exciting.”



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James DeFreece
James DeFreece
10 months ago

This is my favorite Cris Collinsworth quote. First game of the year, first drive for the Bears against the Rams.

1st & 10 at CHI 43 – A.Dalton pass short right to D.Mooney to CHI 47 for 4 yards.

2nd & 6 at CHI 47 – D.Montgomery up the middle pushed ob at LA 12 for 41 yards.

1st & 10 at LAR 12 – D.Williams up the middle to LA 12 for no gain.

2nd & 10 at LAR 12 – J.Fields pass short right to M.Goodwin to LA 3 for 9 yards.

“Everyone has been so critical of Andy Dalton, but he’s done a great job of leading the Bears downfield.”

3rd & 1 at LAR 3 – PENALTY on CHI-C.Kmet, False Start, 5 yards.

3rd & 6 at LAR 8 – A.Dalton pass deep left intended for D.Mooney INTERCEPTED.

Chris Dannels
Chris Dannels
10 months ago

Collinsworth is an idiot. My favorite was years ago, when playing against a a Manning led Broncos, who were up by 3 touchdowns, Collinsworth said, “the Chiefs have them right where the want them”

John Smith
John Smith
10 months ago
Reply to  Chris Dannels

As a Bills fan watching the game, he did it last night too! One point where the Chiefs led the entire game. At the point of being down 18, he goes, “the Chiefs Offense has the Buffalo defense right where they want them.” Followed by, “this rain seems to be giving Buffalo a heavy disadvantage…” both of those rain drives resulted in turnovers by KC.

He’s def losing it.

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