Aaron Rodgers Shares Eye-Opening Response to Raiders Fans Amid Rumors

aaron rodgers

Getty Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers.

The Las Vegas Raiders struck out on Tom Brady this offseason but luckily they have plenty of time to regroup. Derek Carr won’t be back so the team needs a quarterback and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be relying on a rookie. Jimmy Garoppolo is the most logical fit in free agency but is he an upgrade over Carr? No, and he has only been able to make it through a whole season healthy once in his career as a starter.

Heading into the offseason, Aaron Rodgers didn’t seem like an option. The Green Bay Packers had a disappointing year but he’s arguably the greatest quarterback in franchise history. Despite that, his value is likely the lowest its been. As the offseason goes on, the likelihood of Rodgers getting traded appears to be on the rise. Now that Brady isn’t an option for the Raiders, wide receiver Davante Adams and fans have been going to work to convince the quarterback to come to Las Vegas.

Rodgers is currently playing golf at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am in California and there have been some Raiders fans who made the trip. One got a clip of the quarterback smiling when fans did the “Raiders” chant.

Rodgers was then asked by CBS Sports’ Amanda Balionis if there was a “favorite color, favorite city” that he has on his mind for next season.

“I’m just going to say the predominant team that we hear [from the fans] as we’re walking is Raiders,” Rodgers replied.

Davante Adams Hinting at a Rodgers Reunion?

Davante Adams and Rodgers formed a legendary connection during their eight years together in Green Bay. The 69 touchdowns they connected on are the most in Packers history. Adams went to the Raiders to be closer to home while also getting to play with Carr. The latter is no longer an option so he appears all in on bringing in Rodgers.

Adams recently turned heads when he said on Twitter that Rodgers is moving to his neighborhood.

A fan at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am told Rodgers that Adams needs a neighbor, which led the quarterback to say, “tell him to buy me a house.”

Adams hasn’t let up with the eye-opening Twitter activity. He tweeted that “house shopping is fun.” Perhaps that was in response to Rodgers telling him to buy him a house.

Adams could just be having some fun but he does have to find the idea of reuniting with Rodgers appealing.

Raiders Face Competition for Rodgers

If Rodgers is on the trade block, the Raiders will have some competition. Though he’s coming off a down year, he’s still the back-to-back MVP. The New York Jets might have the biggest need at quarterback in the NFL. According to The Athletic’s Jeff Howe, they’ll be one of the teams after Rodgers.

“The Jets remain poised to acquire a veteran quarterback this offseason to take over the starting job, but they’re still assessing their plan of attack,” Howe wrote. “The names to watch are Aaron Rodgers, Jimmy Garoppolo and Derek Carr.”

The Jets could be motivated to spend a lot to add Rodgers. The Raiders likely aren’t willing to give up as much. From Rodgers’ perspective, it’s easy to see why he’d prefer Las Vegas. He’d get to play with Adams again and get a chance to return to the west coast.

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Shelly Green
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chuck riha
chuck riha
7 months ago

:erfect time to get Rodgers we play the NFC North division this year