Raiders’ Davante Adams Reveals Recruiting Pitch to $150 Million Star

davante adams

Getty Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams.

The Las Vegas Raiders are on the prowl for a new quarterback this offseason and Davante Adams is having a good time with the latest rumors. The Green Bay Packers could be more open to trading Aaron Rodgers than they have been in the past and the Raiders make a lot of sense as a landing spot. A big reason why they make sense is due to Adams.

The two played together for eight years and connected on 69 touchdown passes – a Packers franchise record. During the 2023 Pro Bowl Games, Adams wasn’t even trying to be subtle about how much he wants Rodgers in Las Vegas.

“Duh,” Adams said when asked by NFL Network’s Cameron Wolfe if he’d like Rodgers to reunite with him. “Why would anybody not do that? 100%. That’s my guy obviously, wishful thinking but we’ll see.”

If Rodgers is on the market, there should be a number of teams interested. However, only one team has Adams and that’s the Raiders. The six-time Pro Bowl wide receiver revealed his recruiting pitch to the $150 million quarterback.

“That I’m here,” he responded when asked for his recruiting pitch to Rodgers. “I think that’s a pretty good one.”

It’s a simple pitch but Rodgers has said that Adams is the best player he’s ever played with. It’d have to be appealing to him to be on a team with Adams again.

Adams Admits That He’s Having Fun With the Rodgers Rumors

Adams first turned heads when he said on Twitter that Rodgers was moving to his neighborhood. That might not be true. Adams has admitted that he’d love for Rodgers to come to the Raiders but he also revealed that he’s having some fun trolling on social media.

“Would I be interested in having Aaron Rodgers throw to me?” Adams told reporters after the Pro Bowl games. “Yes. I would love that.

“The [social-media] trolling – I’m first-team all-troll so don’t take none of that too serious but I would love to have that and, obviously, that would be a dream scenario (and) one that I’m very familiar with. But anything you see on Twitter, that’s not a tell of anything. That’s just wishful thinking.”

Is Rodgers Coming to the Raiders Realistic?

When the Raiders’ season ended, it seemed like there was a good chance Tom Brady was going to be the team’s quarterback next year. He never realistically entertained the idea and retired from the NFL before the Super Bowl. If the Raiders were banking on Brady, they could be in a tough position. Jimmy Garoppolo is the next-best free-agent quarterback but he’s not an upgrade over Derek Carr.

Rodgers would certainly be an upgrade over Carr but it would also require a trade to get him. He’s 39 years old and coming off of a disappointing season. A reunion with Adams should help him return to form but there’s a strong possibility the Raiders would only have him for a year or two. What could work in Las Vegas’ favor is that Rodgers might prefer the Raiders over any other interested team. He doesn’t have a no-trade clause in his contract but he should be able to dictate where he’s going to play. If he tells the Packers to send him to the Raiders or he’s retiring, that would make it a lot easier for the team to get him. However, a lot needs to happen for him to get to that point.

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