Raiders Star Punished by NFL for Incident With Official

davante adams

Getty Davante Adams with Josh Jacobs.

Though Davante Adams has been a superstar for several seasons now, he’s been making a lot more headlines since joining the Las Vegas Raiders. Most of them have been good but he does have some bad. Earlier in the season, he was in hot water for shoving a cameraman following a loss to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Now he’s in trouble with the NFL for going after an official. During the team’s Week 11 game against the Denver Broncos, Adams started screaming at an official after he believed Justin Simmons hit him as a defenseless receiver. Instead of Simmons getting a penalty, Adams was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct flag.

To add insult to injury, the wide receiver will now owe the NFL money. According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, the league is fining Adams $29,785 for “abusive language towards an official.”

Interestingly enough, Simmons was fined $15,914 for “unnecessary roughness on the play.” The NFL is essentially saying Adams was right about the fact that there should’ve been a flag but he shouldn’t have used “abusive” language toward an official. Unfortunately for the Raiders, they still had to deal with the penalty while the Broncos walked away cleanly.

Adams Was Fired up After Broncos Win

It’s been a rough season for the Raiders with a 3-7 record. Prior to the Denver game, the team was 0-6 in one-score games. With Adams catching the game-winning touchdown in overtime, he was able to snap the streak. As soon as he crossed the goal line, he started shushing the Broncos crowd and even started calling out cornerback Patrick Surtain.

It was a lively performance from a player who is usually mostly quiet. However, he didn’t think there was anything over the top with what he did.

“I still think that was pretty chill,” Adams said Wednesday. “That wasn’t really too crazy. That was probably about a four out of 10. But sometimes you have a little bit more emotion, especially based on how the season has been going. To make a big play in a big situation or in the middle of the game at any point is something that, like I talked about, it’s contagious. So, sometimes having that little extra energy — most of the time I keep it in and just try to focus on: ‘The job is not done type of mentality,’ but sometimes it’s good to show some of that and let it creep out for your teammates and for yourself, too.”

Adams Hoping to Carry Momentum

The Raiders have a tough road ahead but they aren’t completely out of the playoff race yet. Teams have gone on big runs to end the season before. Now that the team is finally back in the win column, Adams is hoping the momentum keeps growing.

“Momentum to me is a little bit more than what we have right now,” Adams said. “I think that it’s definitely a good start, but I think you’ve got to do a little bit more of what we’re doing to gain momentum. But I think we’re doing the right thing and obviously we finished out the game. There’s a lot of things — we gave them chances that we shouldn’t have given them maybe as far as the offensive side, not capitalizing in certain situations, but for the most part I feel like as far as finishing that game like I said, winning takes care of a lot of stuff. So, just the morale, we had a good week of preparation all last week, came in and had this same type of day as we did today, a little bit more above the neck. And then yeah, we’ve just got to capitalize on another great week of preparation. I think everybody’s got the right mentality and is approaching it the same way and everybody looks hungry. So, we’ve just got to keep that going.”

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