Davante Adams Issues Stern Response to Raiders’ Rough Start

davante adams

Getty Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Davante Adams.

Davante Adams’ debut with the Las Vegas Raiders was impressive. He caught 10 passes for 141 yards and a touchdown. It looked like that game was the precursor to a huge season. Unfortunately for the five-time Pro Bowler, he fell back to earth in Week 2. Against the Arizona Cardinals, he only had two catches for 12 yards.

As a wide receiver, there’s only so much Adams can do to get the offense going if he’s not getting targeted. However, he’s also a team captain and leader for this team. Adams is not used to losing games. In his eight seasons with the Green Bay Packers, he only missed the playoffs twice. In that same time, the Raiders have only made the playoffs twice.

With Las Vegas winless to start the year, Adams knows how important it is to get a win immediately.

“The second part is more it. Any way you lose, obviously there’s different ways – if you get blown out, I guess it’s a little different sense of urgency,” Adams said Wednesday. “But loss is a loss at this point. We’ve got to figure it out, and the urgency is definitely there right now. There’s a lot that went into why we didn’t win that football game this past week, but at the end of the day a loss is a loss. So, we have to be on our stuff and get ready and go out there and get a win now.”

Adams Knows Raiders Need to Close out Games

The Raiders should’ve beaten the Cardinals in Week 2. They had a 20-0 lead at halftime but lost 29-23 in overtime. It was the first time in history that the team blew a 20-point lead. If the Raiders hope to get far, they need to close out games. Adams had a strong statement about what he’d like to see from the team going forward.

“You just have to lock in and demand it from yourself. Every player, you’ve got to learn how to put the foot on the gas and for lack of better words, break their necks when you have them in a corner like that,” Adams said. “That’s the way that I’ve learned to play the game, and that’s the way that I hope that this team will play the game. Part of it is just keeping that mindset, never getting comfortable, just thinking zero-zero.”

Adams Discusses Lack of Production in Week 2 Loss

Adams was brought to the Raiders to be their best offensive player. From a talent standpoint, there’s nobody better on the team. However, the team has other weapons that quarterback Derek Carr needs to feed. While star wide receivers are known to throw fits when they don’t get enough targets, Adams isn’t that type of player. He doesn’t care about his stats if the team wins but it’s much more frustrating when he doesn’t see the ball and the team still loses.

“Especially after a game like it’s just all different types of levels of frustration,” Adams said. “Obviously, the part of me not being able to produce the way I expect, obviously that’s frustrating, but for me it’s not just that, it’s the bigger picture. If Darren [Waller] goes out there and has a monster game or Hunter [Renfrow] has a monster game or the run game is working and it’s one of those games where we just pounding it and pounding it, it is what it is. I’m not expecting it’s going be like that for me every game.

“So, If I go out and have 20 yards or 50 yards, whatever – that’s not even what it’s about. It’s about the way that offense looks, and if I can’t be a factor in the game and it does look bad, that’s when I have frustration about my productivity. It’s not about wanting to be All-Pro. I hold myself to that type of standard because it helps the team ultimately. So that’s what’s on my mind is I want to go out and have a 200-yard game every single game I go out there. That’s on my mind, but it’s not realistic that it’s going to be that way. So, I just try to keep it in my mind so I can at least hold up my end of the bargain.”

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