Raiders WR Davante Adams Has Troubling Comments About Injury

davante adams

Getty Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams.

The Las Vegas Raiders had a scare when star wide receiver Davante Adams was forced to leave in the first half of the Week 4 game against the Los Angeles Chargers with a shoulder injury. Surprisingly, he was able to return after a brief stint in the locker room.

Despite his return, Adams’ injury status will be something to watch. According to the wide receiver, his shoulder isn’t doing the best.

“It definitely does not feel good right now but it is what it is,” Adams said in his October 1 postgame media availability. “You gotta do what you gotta do for your team.”

Players can sometimes play through injuries due to adrenaline but the injuries can get worse and force them to miss time. There’s a chance Adams may need to take some time off to get his shoulder healed so he’ll be a key player to watch this week.

Davante Adams Explains Why He Went Back Into Game

The Raiders were not playing well in the first half against the Chargers and were down 24-7 after the second quarter. It would’ve been easy for Davante Adams to call it a game and preserve his shoulder. Instead, he decided to come back into the game and finished with eight catches for 75 yards.

He explained why it was important for him to play through the pain.

“That’s my job,” Adams said. “My job is to be the one. That’s why I get paid the way that I do, to go and score touchdowns. And I accept that burden, and it’s not even a burden to me. That’s what makes this s— exciting for me, having those kinds of opportunities to go down and finish a game and be a big piece as to why that thing came together.

“I don’t care about that. It’s about everybody doing their part — and everybody doing their part doesn’t mean everybody having 80 catches on the year. I can have as many as I need to have to make it go. ‘Everybody doing their part’ is for that player to make sure he does what he has to do to make that play work.”

Despite the rough start to the season, Adams is still proving he’s committed to turning the team around. The Raiders need his leadership and perseverance to start rubbing off on other players.

Davante Adams Talks Issues With Team

The Raiders are now 1-3 and Davante Adams has already voiced his frustrations. He gave some of his thoughts on what the team has been doing wrong.

“It’s really a multitude of things,” Adams said of the team’s issues. “It’s just being more urgent early on and communicating better so that we can execute. It’s not one thing. It’s not, ‘Do this thing and we’ll be golden.’ It’s both sides of the ball. I just feel like we’re not maximizing. Everybody can definitely tap into another gear. We’ve just got to do that before it gets to a point where it’s a must-win every game.”

The Raiders started 1-3 last season and finished 6-11. Another season with six or fewer wins could be tough for a player like Adams to stomach.

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