‘Ideal’ Scenario Sees Raiders Landing 2-Time All-Pro WR in Tag-and-Trade

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Getty Las Vegas Raiders HC Josh McDaniels.

It’s early in the offseason but there’s already a lot of talk surrounding Davante Adams joining the Las Vegas Raiders. He’s headed for a free agency and negotiations with the Green Bay Packers haven’t gone well. With Aaron Rodgers’ future up in the air, the superstar wide receiver could look to join his friend Derek Carr in Las Vegas.

The two played at Fresno State together and have both expressed interest in playing with each other at the NFL level. However, the Packers might not just let Adams walk without a fight. The team isn’t known to use the franchise tag as they haven’t used it since 2010. That might change with Adams as he’s a generational talent. If that does happen, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll play in Green Bay next season. According to Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report, if the wide receiver gets tagged, the Raiders could get involved in a tag-and-trade in an “ideal trade scenario” with the Packers:

There is not an extensive history of players being tagged and traded in the NFL, but there is precedent. Frank Clark, Dee Ford and Jarvis Landry are all players who were franchise-tagged and promptly sent off to other teams.

Adams has said that it would be a dream to reunite with Derek Carr, his college quarterback at Fresno State. That sounds like an ideal situation for new head coach Josh McDaniels, who will look to take the Raiders offense to new heights.

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Adams’ Trade Value Can’t Be Too High in This Scenario

If the Packers pursue this route, it’s hard to imagine they’ll be getting a huge return for Adams. He wants a contract that will make him the highest-paid wide receiver in the NFL and will be turning 30 during the 2022 season. The Raiders need a No. 1 wide receiver and Adams might just be the best in the league. He would change their offense and give new coach Josh McDaniels an exciting weapon to work with.

That said, the Raiders shouldn’t offer anything more than a second-round pick in this scenario. They’d have to pay Adams close to $30 million a year to keep him long-term. Even without having to make a trade, that would be a tough call to pay him that massive contract.

Would Carr Take a Discount to Afford Adams?

There’s no doubt Carr would be elated to play with Adams again. He hasn’t played with a wide receiver at the level of Adams since joining the Raiders. The two could form one of the most formidable quarterback-wide receiver duos in the league. Carr is due for a contract extension and it appears he’ll be looking for something in the $40 million a year range.

If the Raiders have to pay him that type of money this offseason, it’s going to be difficult to also afford Adams. Carr has talked about how he would buy the wide receiver a car to convince him to come to Las Vegas. Instead of that, he might have to be open to taking a lesser contract. If Carr takes a contract closer to $30 to $35 million a year, affording Adams become more possible. That said, it’s hard to imagine the quarterback will be willing to take a discount. He’s been through a lot with the Raiders and wants to get paid. As exciting as the idea of Adams joining the team is, it seems unlikely that it will happen.

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