Raiders Superstar Predicted to Request Trade

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Getty Las Vegas Raiders GM Dave Ziegler.

The Las Vegas Raiders are in a much different place this year than they were this time last season. The excitement about the franchise and the Davante Adams trade have cooled down significantly. In fact, some believe that Adams could already be moved after just a season with the team.

The six-time Pro Bowler recently did an interview with The Ringer where he said he hasn’t seen “eye-to-eye” on the direction of the franchise with the Raiders. This has led to many suggestions that he is unhappy and may want to move on. However, he has not said that he wants to be traded and is happy to be close to home. He also grew up a fan of the team. Despite that, trade speculation is still making the rounds. CBS Sports’ Maggie Gray went so far as to predict that Adams will request a trade during the season.

“If they’ve only won one game by the team we get to a (Week 6) Sunday afternoon showdown with New England, I think Davante Adams asks for a trade,” Gray said on CBS Sports Radio. “The reason he came to the Raiders is no longer there.”

Adams Has Right to Very, Says Josh McDaniels

Adams came out and made it clear that he’s a Raider and isn’t planning to leave. That won’t stop people from speculating, especially if the team struggles. Head coach Josh McDaniels comes from the New England Patriots where players aren’t typically encouraged to speak their minds to the media. Adams is good enough and professional enough to have earned that right.

McDaniels is happy to have Adams voice his opinion considering he knows that the wide receiver just wants what’s best for the team.

“And I respect the hell out of anything that [he] would say or suggest or anything like that,” McDaniels said during his May 25 media availability. “During the course of the process of trying to improve our team, which, I know where Davante comes from, he’s a competitor. He wants to win, and that’s really his sole focus, and that’s what he does here every day. He’s here pushing himself, pushing his teammates. He’s been a tremendous leader again this spring for our football team.”

Adams praised McDaniels so it doesn’t appear there is any tension between the two men quite yet.

Should Raiders Trade Adams if Season Goes Awry?

Adams is being a good soldier right now but that could change if the Raiders are bad in 2023. Jimmy Garoppolo recently underwent surgery so his health is up in the air. Adams likely wouldn’t be thrilled to be catching passes from Brian Hoyer or rookie fourth-round pick Aidan O’Connell. Gray brings up a good point that the wide receiver may be looking to get moved if the Raiders get off to a horrific start.

At that point, Las Vegas may even consider it. There’s no sense in keeping a 30-year-old star receiver if the team is rebuilding. Things would have to be really bad for the Raiders to consider it but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. Getting draft picks for Adams is better than paying him and still losing games.

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Ernie Cabrera
Ernie Cabrera
3 months ago

Every player praises his head coach to the media, but the supposed poll taken at the end of the season showing players were not keen w/the coaching staff, to me says it all! It may well reflect on the lack of success McDaniels has had as a head coach! McDaniels has also shown that he does not like to be question or given any kind of suggestions. He knows it all!
It doesn’t matter how talented a players is & how they may enhance toe success of the team. When players don’t agree w/him & his philosophy, he gets rid of them (see Carr & Waller). Renfrow will be next, since he likes to free wheel it at times. Gruden (also strict) saw it worked & allowed it!
To me Adams has proven for many years what a talented, team oriented player he is & demonstrates that he is the type of player the management team supposedly wants. He has earned the right to question anyone one or anything that the organization does! Maybe it is a way to get out of town but if that’s what he wants, so be it! We Raider fans can just continue to feel sorry for ourselves w/such a dysfunctional owner & management team up to his point!
For my sake I truly hope he stays!