Trade Prospoal Sends Raiders $140 Million Star to Bills

josh mcdaniels dave ziegler

Getty Josh McDaniels & Dave Ziegler of the Las Vegas Raiders.

Though Davante Adams has stated multiple times that he would like to stay with the Las Vegas Raiders, he’s clearly frustrated with the team’s 1-2 start. This has led to recent trade speculation.

Bleacher Report’s Ryan Fowler recently went through the seven NFL teams that should pursue a trade for Adams and pegged the Buffalo Bills as one of them.

“Adams could be the piece that gets the Bills over the hump for their first Super Bowl,” Fowler wrote in a September 29 column.

“Pairing Adams with Stefon Diggs would keep opposing defensive coordinators up late into the night.”

The Bills blew out the Raiders in Week 2 38-10. Buffalo has won 10 or more games in four straight seasons so they would provide Adams with a chance to win. The Raiders aren’t likely to recoup the first and second-round picks they sent to the Green Bay Packers last year to get the wide receiver. However, he’s still playing at a high level so he should be able to net the Raiders at least one first-round pick.

That’s a price a win-now Bills team should be willing to pay. According to Pro Football Focus, Adams has the third-highest player grade for a wide receiver and Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs has the 14th-highest. The San Francisco 49ers are the only team in the NFL with two wide receivers in the top 14 so Buffalo adding Adams would give them one of the top wide receiver duos.

Davante Adams Isn’t Taking Shots at Coaches

Following the Raiders’ Week 3 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Davante Adams expressed frustration with the team and suggested that he doesn’t have time to be waiting around while things slowly get fixed.

He wanted to make it clear with later comments that his sentiment was directed at coaches or the front office.

“For the for the people who I needed to, yeah,” Adams said when asked if his message was received during his September 27 media availability. “The rest of the people, it’s no surprise, it’s no secret that I truly don’t care what people think, as long as the people who it’s intended for understand the message, that’s what’s most important to me. For the people who didn’t understand the message, it was not a shot or directed at anybody in the front office here.

“That was about us as a football team, and the players who go out there and control things and have the most control of what happens and the outcome of games. I think it’s really cowardly and small thing to take shots at coaches when we do have a lot to do, the most to do, with what happens ultimately out there on the field.”

Will Las Vegas Raiders Trade Davante Adams?

There have only been three games played and the Raiders do have a win. It’s far too early to give up on the season and start trading away star players. The trade deadline is on October 31st so if the Raiders don’t improve, it becomes more likely they’ll consider trading key players.

For now, Davante Adams isn’t forcing a trade and he’s arguably the team’s best player. He’s not going anywhere right now.

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