Raiders’ Derek Carr Details How Much Longer He Can Play in NFL

derek carr

Getty Las Vegas Raiders QB Derek Carr.

This season will be a pivotal year for Derek Carr. The Las Vegas Raiders quarterback turned 30 earlier in the year and has yet to play in a playoff game. The team clearly believes in him but a playoff berth would dramatically improve his standing around the NFL.

If Carr balls out and the Raiders make the playoffs, Las Vegas may not need a quarterback for a long time. He’s durable and 30 is young for a quarterback these days. In fact, he believes he can go on for a lot longer.

“I feel like I can play another 15 years, without a doubt,” Carr said Wednesday. “Nothing’s hurting. It’s the middle of camp, and I feel great. I feel strong, I feel fast, I feel explosive. And I think it’s just the way we train now.”

At 44-years-old, Tom Brady is the only modern example of a quarterback playing into their mid-40s as a high-level starter. It sounds like Carr believes he can rival that.

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Carr Feels Like He’s 20

derek carr

GettyDerek Carr.

Athletes have been a lot smarter about how they take care of their bodies and that’s evident by how quarterbacks like Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees have been able to play at a high level for so long. Carr is getting older but he doesn’t feel older.

“The only thing that’s different is I’ve got gray hairs in my beard,” Carr said. “I haven’t grown it out in a while; I’ve got five gray hairs. What is going on?

“I feel like I’m 20. I honestly believe this – that our generation, the way we can take care of our bodies with football, I think 30 is the new 20. … That comes from science, and that comes with more understanding.”

Carr has always been a very hard worker and that’s helping him continue to feel young. If the Raiders are planning to extend him soon, they’ll have to be happy with what their quarterback is saying.

Carr Believes He’s in the Best Shape of His Career

Carr doesn’t get a lot of credit for being one of the most athletic and conditioned quarterbacks in the NFL. He’s consistently in great shape and that continues to be the case. He even revealed that he feels better than he ever has.

“I honestly feel stronger, faster, better than I first did when I got to the NFL,” Carr said. “And that comes with more knowledge on how to train, how to eat, how to take care of your body. And that takes a little bit of money sometimes, but it’s definitely worth it.

“Because I’m sitting here in Year 8, and I remember people ahead of me talking about Year 8 like, ‘Yeah, I’m miserable,’ and they can barely walk out of bed. I’m blessed, man. I don’t have those problems. And I’ve had broken bones. But the way they rehab and stuff nowadays, I feel great.”

Carr has done a great job of taking care of his body. It also helps that he’s had a great offensive line for chunks of his career.

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