Raiders’ Derek Carr Stirs Controversy With Latest Jon Gruden Comments

derek carr jon gruden

Getty Derek Carr with former Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

Jon Gruden is no longer the Las Vegas Raiders head coach but that doesn’t mean the team has completely forgotten about him. The coach resigned after a slew of offensive emails containing racist, homophobic and misogynist language were leaked from the NFL’s investigation into the Washington Football Team. Most of the Raiders players who have spoken out have condemned Gruden’s words but shown support for the coach.

Quarterback Derek Carr has been Gruden’s biggest supporter. After the coach resigned, Carr made his stance on the matter clear.

“It’s hard because I love the man so much,” Carr said during an October 13 media conference. “I have family members that have done things, I’ve done things that, I’m glad that I’m still loved, you know. And I think more than anything coach needs people to help him, to love him … but at the same time what’s right is right and what’s wrong is wrong.”

Carr said he believes what Gruden did was wrong but doesn’t believe holding grudges helps anybody. Prior to the Raiders’ Sunday clash with the Philadelphia Eagles, Carr sat down with columnist Charles Woodson and spoke about the whole situation. He said he hopes people eventually forgive Gruden.

The FOX NFL Sunday crew that included Woodson had a chance to discuss. Michael Strahan expressed that it would be difficult for Gruden to continue to be a “leader of men” with people knowing the words he’s used in the past.

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Fans Don’t Necessarily Agree With Carr

While Carr is preaching a message of forgiveness, many aren’t so quick to let Gruden off the hook. The emails are still fresh in everybody’s minds and not everybody agreed with the quarterback’s messaging.

Other fans expressed vitriol in NSFW ways. Carr had a close relationship with Gruden for years and it’s clear that he still has love for the coach.

But it’s going to take a lot for Gruden to get back in anybody’s good graces. His NFL career is likely over. According to reporter Andrea Kremer on the October 21 episode of “Real Sports Podcast,” Gruden told her “the truth will come out,” a statement Kremer called “cryptic.” It’s possible that Gruden thinks he was only the first of many to eventually go down due to this Washington Football Team investigation.

Darren Waller Says He Wants to Offer ‘Grace’ for Gruden

Carr is not the only Raider to express that he’d like Gruden to be forgiven. Shortly after the coach resigned, star tight end Darren Waller had a similar sentiment to that of Carr.

“I want to offer somebody grace and allow them to learn from what they may have done and that’s what I’m trying to do right now for coach,” Waller said during the October 13 media conference. “I understand that what he said was inexcusable, but at the same time where do we offer grace for him to learn and grow and then be able to be in the circle … with those people that he was emailing with and be able to say, you know, that’s not right.”

As noted earlier, the Raiders players have been supportive of Gruden. We saw cornerback Trayvon Mullen say “got you JG” on Instagram after the resignation. Running back Josh Jacobs said the coach “never rubbed me a certain type of way” during their three years together. It’s a long road for Gruden as not everybody will be as quick to forgive him as some of his former players are.

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David Xiong
David Xiong
11 months ago

Funny how these good ol Christians don’t wanna forgive unless it’s them or their family and then they wanna preach the gospel.

Mark Ingram
Mark Ingram
11 months ago

Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me.

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