Hunter Renfrow Mercilessly Mocked by Davante Adams & Derek Carr in Viral Clip

hunter renfrow

Getty Las Vegas Raiders WR Hunter Renfrow.

The Las Vegas Raiders have landed in Canton, Ohio for their first preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Though the game doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, it’s still a big deal as it is the first football game to be played since the Super Bowl. Plus, it’ll be head coach Josh McDaniels‘ first time on the sideline with the team.

Three players who likely won’t play in the game are Hunter Renfrow, Derek Carr and Davante Adams. The three stars can’t risk getting injured in a game that doesn’t matter. However, the whole team made the trip and the three decided to travel together, along with wide receiver Mack Hollins.

The problem is that they let Renfrow pick the Uber. The Pro Bowler was given a $32 million extension this offseason but that hasn’t changed his frugal ways. Instead of going with an Uber XL that costs a bit more but would give the players ample room, Renfrow went with a normal Uber, which was not big enough for the massive football players.

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Adams & Carr Troll Renfrow

Fitting four normal-sized people in a small Uber would be difficult but Renfrow did it when huge men surrounded him. Carr is 6-foot-3, Adams is 6-foot-1 and Hollins is a massive 6-foot-4. Renfrow is only 5-foot-10 but he’s the one who got to sit in the passenger’s seat, which is usually reserved for the tallest in a group.

Carr and Adams decided to take some shots at Renfrow in the comments of the video. Adams said that the wide receiver “lost 3 friends” while Carr mocked Renfrow for even offering to get the Uber.

Despite getting a $9.1 million signing bonus from the Raiders recently, it’s clear that Renfrow’s frugal ways haven’t changed. He’ll have to figure out a way to get back in his teammates’ good graces.

Hollins Having Great Training Camp

Unlike Carr, Renfrow and Adams, Hollins may actually play in the preseason game. However, after his impressive training camp, he may have already cemented the spot as the team’s No. 3 wide receiver. What has impressed the coaching staff early on is his work ethic and conditioning. That has permeated throughout the team. That’s a great way to earn a role on an offense filled with much bigger names.

“Yeah. As I’ve gone along in my career, and even when I was in college, I think conditioning has been a big part,” Hollins said, via Sports Illustrated. “You can lift a lot of weights and I don’t want to take stuff away from the weight room as I know that it is really important, I put a lot of emphasis in that too. But if I can stay at 100 for longer than the next guy, even if he’s stronger than me in the first quarter, by the end of the game he’s dropped to such a level because his conditioning is not good. Conditioning is huge for me because I know I may play all four special teams and then also have a role as a receiver. Me saying I’m tired or hurting, that really doesn’t fly because I’m expected to be at my top no matter where I’m placed, and I know I have to be prepared for that. Yeah, conditioning is big for me.”

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