Details Leaked Regarding Jon Gruden’s Involvement With Saints

jon gruden

Getty Former Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden.

The New Orleans Saints made some news when it was revealed that they brought Jon Gruden into the building to help with the offense. The former Las Vegas Raiders head coach has been out of the league for almost two years following the email scandal that led to his resignation during the 2021 season.

He’s currently suing the NFL so a full-time return to the league is likely off the table for now but there’s no denying he loves football and wants to be involved. This offseason, the Saints brought in Derek Carr to take over as their starting quarterback. Gruden and Carr worked to together for over three seasons in Las Vegas and have a good relationship. He knows the quarterback as well as anybody so it makes sense to have him come in and help. Saints head coach Dennis Allen opened up about why he brought Gruden in.

“In Jon, we have a resource here that is football through and through,” Allen told Albert Breer of Sports Illustrated. “And he’s had an opportunity to work with Derek Carr. So what better [way to use that] resource than to just get some thoughts and ideas on how he worked with Derek and what he thought worked well with Derek?”

Details Revealed on Gruden’s New Orleans Visit

The Gruden consultation wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment thing. The Saints extensively planned it. Breer was able to get some comprehensive details about the coach’s visit to New Orleans.

“Gruden arrived in Louisiana late Tuesday,” Breer wrote. “GM Mickey Loomis took him and Allen out to dinner that night at the Four Seasons in the French Quarter, and then Gruden came to practice Wednesday and Thursday. After practice Thursday, the group dove in on Carr, with Gruden spending five and a half hours with Allen, offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael and the offensive coaches. The quarterbacks popped in when then could, and the discussion flowed easy.”

Carr has a ton of respect for Gruden but it remains to be seen what level of input the coach had during his visit. Breer reported that he was brimming with ideas so he still has football on his mind.

Could Gruden Eventually Land Permanent Role With Saints?

If the Saints miss the playoffs in a weak NFC South, coaches are likely to get blamed before Carr does. Allen has a spotty track record as a head coach and may not have the longest leash if the team struggles. Offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael has been in the role for over a decade but only started calling plays last season. If the offense is in rough shape during the season, the team might want to make a change. Gruden would be an obvious choice as a potential offensive coordinator if it’s a job he would be willing to take.

That said, he might not love the idea of not being the head coach. Gruden hasn’t been an assistant since 1997. Considering his struggles with the Raiders, it’s hard to see a lot of teams lining up to hire him as a head coach right now. Getting back in the game as an offensive coordinator could be exactly what he needs to eventually get a head coaching job again.

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Ernie Cabrera
Ernie Cabrera
4 months ago

Quite frankly why is this even an article for the Raider fans?

Rand Lowe
Rand Lowe
3 months ago
Reply to  Ernie Cabrera

Once a Raider always a Raider…Carr and Gruden are ‘forever Raiders’.