Mark Davis ‘Into the Concept’ of Trading for 8-Time Pro Bowl QB: Insider

mark davis

Getty Mark Davis of the Las Vegas Raiders.

The Las Vegas Raiders are about to go through a major transition after the firing of general manager Mike Mayock. While interim head coach Rich Bisaccia still has a chance to earn the full-time job, it’s a lot less likely now that Mayock is gone. If the Raiders undergo a major coaching and front office overhaul, that will make quarterback Derek Carr’s future quite murky.

A lot still needs to happen but there could be some top quarterbacks available on the trade market. It appears possible that Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks could be headed for a divorce. Wilson was open to the idea of moving to the Raiders last offseason, per CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora. Much of that had to do with him being a fan of Jon Gruden. The coach is gone now but the Raiders landing a big name like Jim Harbaugh, Doug Pederson or Sean Payton would likely lead to Wilson being interested again.

Carr has been a good quarterback for the Raiders but owner Mark Davis may want to take a big swing. According to NFL insider Mike Silver, Davis was very interested in trading for Wilson previously.

“My instincts tell me Mark Davis wants rockstar stuff in that stadium,” Silver said on “The Colin Cowherd Podcast.” “Mark Davis has a kind of Russell Wilson, not fixation, but he was kind of into that concept from what I was hearing. Mark Davis, I think, has felt ‘we can do better than Derek Carr.'”

Why Dolphins fired Brian Flores & Jim Harbaugh could leave Michigan | The Colin Cowherd PodcastNFL writer Mike Silver gives Colin the scoop on the biggest coaching moves. They discuss the mistake the Raiders need to avoid, what really got Brian Flores fired by the Miami Dolphins, and why Jim Harbaugh might leave Michigan for an NFL job. Timeline: 00:00 – Start 00:26 – Raiders coaching dilemma 02:55 – Why…2022-01-12T16:41:19Z

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Wilson Wants to ‘Explore His Options’

Wilson always says the right things in the media but behind the scenes, it appears that he’s still unhappy. The Seahawks had a rough season and finished 7-10 – the first losing season of his career. According to NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport, Wilson is still very much looking into trade options:

Just like last year, the Seahawks’ season crashed to a disappointing halt. Just like last year, the questions surrounding their star quarterback overshadow everything this offseason.

And just like last year, sources say Russell Wilson wants to explore his options to see what else might be out there for him.

The situation in Seattle appears to have grown stale. Perhaps making a move at head coach would fix things but Pete Carroll is still in place and the Seahawks will quickly miss out on the best coaching candidates if they don’t make a move soon. Keeping the status quo may
not be enough to keep Wilson around.

What Would It Take for Raiders to Get Wilson?

The Seahawks aren’t going to simply give away Wilson. He’s one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL and might be the biggest reason the team is usually winning. If the Raiders want to trade for him, it would certainly help if Carr and Seattle had mutual interest. He’s a good quarterback who could certainly do whatever Carroll would want him to do in a run-heavy offense.

Carr and two first-round picks for Wilson could be a fair trade. If Carr isn’t willing to go to Seattle or they don’t want him, that makes things more difficult. Perhaps three first-round picks and a couple of thirds do the job. The Raiders are in a better spot than other teams that could be in on Wilson as Carr is a good quarterback that can win some games.

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Louden Kliehr
Louden Kliehr
1 year ago

Oh, no. The White Teletubby is going to screw the pooch in a big way. His father did what he needed to win but his loyalty to players was unmatched for the most part. Derek Carr makes mistakes. So did Snake. So did Plunk. I actually see DC as a man that is much like Plunk. But they always fought back when the game was on the line. The Raiders problems personnel wise is on the O-line and the D-backfield. And depth is needed in several places on the field.

One of the things that I don’t think the Tubby thinks of is that Carr has said frequently that he doesn’t want to play elsewhere. Yeah, could be a ploy. But Carr, like Plunk and Snake, seems to be a man that says what he means and is, from what I’ve seen, mostly guileless. So his trade value, if he sticks to his guns, is nil.

The White Tubby has stars in his eyes. Mr Davis had a love for history. His son should scan the history of sports for how well it’s worked out for owners that worked to pile up their organizations with the top names over the best talent. Sure, Russ W could offer a couple of years of his entertaining style of play. But the cost could put this team back to where it was after Mr Davis died. Broke then bullied.

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