Young Big-Armed QB Named as Possible Replacement for Raiders’ Derek Carr

derek carr

Getty Las Vegas Raiders quarterback Derek Carr.

The 2022 season hasn’t gone as planned for the Las Vegas Raiders or quarterback Derek Carr. The team is 2-6 and Carr hasn’t played at nearly the level that many expected of him now that he has Davante Adams to throw to. It’s not fair to blame all of the team’s failings on the quarterback. The defense is a mess and the offensive line hasn’t been consistent from week to week.

However, the Raiders are eventually going to want to make a change if they keep losing. It’s not necessarily Carr’s fault they’ve been losing but the team has to shake things up at a certain point. This year’s draft could be the time to add a quarterback. If the Raiders don’t end the year with a top-10 draft pick, they might miss out on many of the top prospects.

That would likely pave the way for Carr to stay past this season but the team could consider drafting his eventual replacement. Alex Ballentine of Bleacher Report believes that the Raiders would be a good fit for Miami quarterback Tyler Van Dyke:

Van Dyke is probably best suited for a team that has its starting quarterback for the next two seasons at least but could use a high-upside backup to develop.

The Las Vegas Raiders spring to mind, as Derek Carr is likely to be the starter for the foreseeable future. The New York Giants may need someone who could ultimately supplant Daniel Jones and aren’t in a great position to take someone in the first round after starting the season 6-1.

Van Dyke Has Been Compared to Ben Roethlisberger

Van Dyke hasn’t had a great season with Miami. He’s dealt with multiple injuries amid the Hurricanes’ wildly disappointing season. He’s got a big arm and can make some NFL-type throws but he also gets really sloppy at times. He’s a project that the Raiders would need to work on for a season or two. He’s a big quarterback at 6-foot-4, which should be appealing to head coach Josh McDaniels considering he’s always worked with tall quarterbacks.

Ian Cummings of Pro Football Network believes that Van Dyke compares to former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger:

A common juxtaposition for big-bodied quarterbacks with serviceable mobility is that of a young Ben Roethlisberger. With his tall, strong frame and above-average mobility for his size, Van Dyke is not dissimilar to this mold. Van Dyke has decent speed in the open field when he can open up his strides and accelerate, and he has enough mobility to sidestep rushers and extend plays to the sideline.

Van Dyke’s creation ability isn’t what will earn him early-round consideration, however. That honor goes to his arm. Van Dyke has high-level composite arm talent. He possesses a strong arm that easily generates high-level velocity. The Miami QB sports a crisp, fluid release and consistently delivers tight spirals. Passes launch off Van Dyke’s hand, and his velocity can carry passes into the deep range, past the far numbers. In the short range, that velocity carries extremely quickly, allowing for timely completions.

Tyler Van Dyke 2021 Regular Season Highlights | Miami QBTyler Van Dyke exploded onto the scene in Miami after he took over as the starting quarterback. Van Dyke was named the ACC Rookie and Offensive Rookie of the Year in a season where he finished with six consecutive games of 300+ yards and 3+ touchdown passes. LSU's Joe Burrow is the only FBS quarterback…2022-01-11T14:49:35Z

Nothing Wrong With Bringing in Some Competition

Carr hasn’t had much competition for the starting quarterback job since earning it in 2014. If the Raiders win less than six games this season, it could be time to bring some in. There’s nothing wrong with that. Perhaps having a young stud nipping at his heels will bring out the quarterback’s best.

With the way Van Dyke has played this season, he’ll likely be a Day 3 pick. If the Raiders could snag him in the fifth or sixth round, that wouldn’t even create much drama. Landing a high-upside quarterback on Day 3 of the draft would be a win-win for the team.

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