Photo of New-Look LeBron James Inspires Viral Reaction

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Getty Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James.

LeBron James is fully-embracing his new quarantine look, as evident in a Father’s Day post by his wife Savannah that went viral over the weekend.

In the photo, the Los Angeles Lakers star is seeing having his grown-out hair brushed by his daughter and his beard grown approaching James Harden length with a spattering of grey. It also exposed James’ much talked about hairline.

Many people in the comments called for LeBron just to shave it off and introduce “Bald Bron,” a la Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant.

James recently made a public appearance alongside of Ben Simmons — a fellow Klutch athlete — wearing a bandana, showing off his new look.

LeBron James has Joked About Hair Struggles in Past

LeBron joked about his struggles with his hair during quarantine previously in an Instagram video, comparing himself to Tom Hanks in Castaway.

“When they advise you to be quarantined and isolated from [everybody], can’t even get a haircut from my barber,” James said back in March. “Want me to stay away from him. I’m looking like Tom Hanks off of Castaway.”

James also got a major assist during the season from Anthony Davis when it appeared that his “hair” was crawling back behind his headband.

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James was also nominated by his former teammate Ray Allen to grow out his hair during the quarantine.

“I nominate all my bald or going bald brothers to let it grow out, y’all know who you are!” Allen wrote. LeBron and Shaq were among the players tagged by Allen in the post.

LeBron James Eager for Season to Restart

After an extended hiatus, the NBA is expected to return late next month with players expected to take up residence at Disney World in Florida.

While there has been pushback from athletes — notably James’ former teammate Kyrie Irving — on the season restarting, the four-time MVP has been firmly in the camp eager for a restart, according to The Athletic’s Sam Amick. The four-time NBA MVP believes that he can continue to inspire much-needed social change while playing basketball.

“Sources say James, whose Lakers have as good a chance at the title as any of the 22 teams invited to Walt Disney World, believes playing in Orlando won’t deter his ability to continue inspiring change,” Amick wrote. “He wants to keep making his mark off the court. He wants to play basketball. And as has always been the case, he clearly believes he can do both at the same time.”

Before the NBA season was put on hold, the Lakers were rolling behind James and Davis, reeling off a 49-14 record — the best in the Western Conference. If the season restarts, they are the favorite to win the title at +200.

James is in his 17th NBA season, but sure didn’t look like it during the year. At the time of the stoppage, James was averaging 34.9 minutes per games, 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds and a league-leading 10.6 assists, pulling himself into the MVP conversation.

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