Kevin Durant Goes Viral for Russell Westbrook Tweet

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Getty Kevin Durant went viral for his tweet featuring Russell Westbrook.

As NBA All-Star Weekend heats up, Kevin Durant turned the heads of Los Angeles Lakers fans thanks to a viral tweet featuring Russell Westbrook. On the eve of the All-Star game, Durant took to Twitter to ask some philosophical questions.

“Is Legacy is [sic] more about your narrative than your actual performance?” Durant tweeted on February 19.

Durant followed up by asking another question to his Twitter followers.

“Are u born with any skills or talents?” Durant asked.

The Nets star found one response particularly interesting prompting him to use a famous Westbrook meme.

“Or we are born with everything and we discover that through out our lives. 🤔,” Twitter user Pri28293888 responded.

Durant reacted by quote tweeting the question and posting a photo of a surprised Westbrook. The superstar’s tweet had more than 1,500 retweets and 14,000 likes just two hours after posting.

Here is a look at Durant’s tweet that broke NBA Twitter.

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Durant on Relationship With Westbrook: ‘I Feel Like I F***** That Up’

The complete history of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook's breakup | The SplitElle Duncan breaks down the evolution of Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook's relationship over the years. The former Oklahoma City Thunder All-Stars navigated highs and lows throughout their early NBA careers as teammates– including a trip to the 2012 NBA Finals (1:26), the James Harden trade (1:56), Durant's 2014 MVP Season (2:49), and the 2016…2020-04-22T11:00:10Z

Part of the reason Durant’s tweet took fans by surprise is the history the star has with Westbrook. The two stars were on rocky ground after Durant decided to leave Oklahoma City for Golden State. During the week of the 2018 All-Star game, Durant took some of the blame for the fractured relationship.

“Well I just got outta my own head, got out of my own ways and stopped thinking it was even a thing,” Durant said on February 17, 2018, per NBC Sports Bay Area. “I feel like I f***** that up. I feel like I made it a thing when it a thing when it shouldn’t have been.

“It’s cool to kind of get past that and just appreciate these guys for who they are and what they do. And it’s all love at the end of the day.”

Westbrook is now on his fourth team and time appears to have healed some of the wounds. The duo’s former Thunder teammate Anthony Murrow believes the two stars are on better terms than people think.

“It’s already repairing faster than people realize,” Murrow told The Oklahoman’s Joe Mussatto in April 2020. “Russ is like looking for fuel, so when (Durant) first left, I would see clips of his workouts. …But he had a chip on his shoulder. That’s Russ in a nutshell when it comes to basketball. But when I saw him and Kev over time being back cordial, at the All-Star game, still wasn’t the best of friends, but they weren’t the best of friends in OKC either.

“They’re like brothers though. I think that relationship is definitely far more healed than I think people realize. When you look up one day, Russ is going to be speaking, and they’re going to be retiring Kevin’s jersey. One day.”

A.D.: ‘Anytime Your Name Is Mentioned in Trades, As a Player It Can Weigh on You’

VideoVideo related to kevin durant goes viral for russell westbrook tweet2022-02-19T12:54:30-05:00

Westbrook was the subject of trade rumors leading up to the deadline as his short time with the Lakers has not gone as planned. Ultimately, the Lakers did not find a deal to their liking, but Anthony Davis believes the lack of trades could help the team finish the season strong.

“Anytime your name is mentioned in trades, as a player it can weigh on you,” Davis explained during a February 12 press conference. “You know, possibly moving to another city, you start thinking, ‘Well, the team really doesn’t want me.’ Things like that and when that time had passed, this is who we have, the 15 guys in that locker room and kind of just take weight off of everyone’s shoulders. ‘Okay, alright, this is what we got. Let’s go.’”

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