Lakers Star LeBron James Hilariously Trolls Anthony Davis

lebron james anthony davis

Getty LeBron James & Anthony Davis of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Despite only playing with each other for a year, LeBron James and Anthony Davis have gotten very close. With the Los Angeles Lakers stuck in a bubble, the two men are likely spending an unprecedented amount of time with each other. While that might drive some people crazy, the two men still seem to have strong chemistry.

LeBron has spent so much time with Davis that he now knows how to tell the big man’s emotion by simply looking at his famous unibrow.

“See how low his brow is. If his brow is really low, then you know not to talk to him,” LeBron said after Thursday’s win. “If it’s higher, then he’s accepted the fact that you’re allowed to come into his office and talk to him. [Wednesday] his brow was very low.”

Even though he’s 6’10, Davis’ unibrow is the thing that stands out most about him. Not only is it a defining feature on his face, apparently it’s a great way to tell how he’s feeling at any given time.

LeBron Talks Effort in Game 4

Being stuck in the NBA bubble is likely a slog for these NBA players. If the Lakers win one more game, they’ll be in it for a while longer. Regardless of the circumstances, LeBron is going all out every game night.

“I don’t reserve any energy,” LeBron said. “I’m on the floor, I give it all I got. If I need a break, I ask for a break. Coach has done a good job of getting me out throughout the course of the game. I don’t look at it as a reserve tank. I’ve got pretty good energy when I’m on the floor all the time.

“It’s winning time and I don’t have a chance or time to be feeling tired. I’m tired now. That’s when I’m tired, when it’s zeros on the clock. That’s when I’m tired. I’m not tired during the game.”

He may be 35 but he’s still playing with a ton of energy. He’s done an excellent job of staying in shape. It’s unprecedented how much athletism LeBron displays every night at his age.

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Davis Addresses LeBron’s Defensive Efforts

A big reason the Lakers were able to pull off the win on Thursday night was thanks to LeBron’s decision to take on Jamal Murray in the fourth quarter. The guard was hot all game and making crazy shots. He was definitely in the zone. That was until LeBron took him on. After that happened, Murray had trouble scoring. Davis praised his teammate for stepping up in crunch time.

“I think he just loves challenges, honestly, especially late game,” Davis said after the game. “Just like I am with guarding the best big, he wants to guard the best perimeter player and take on the challenge. He did it the last series with James Harden. He wants to take on those challenges and make them score over him. He’s a great defensive player. We trust him guarding those guys and making them finish over LeBron James. He did a hell of a job on Jamal Murray.”

LeBron has very little left to prove but he’s still showing that he can be elite on defense when he needs to be.

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