Lakers Star LeBron James Breaks Silence on Weight Loss Rumors: Report

Los Angeles Lakers

Getty LeBron James looks to be in top shape.

Los Angeles Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka created a stir when he suggested that LeBron James had lost weight ahead of the upcoming season. James is known for keeping his body in impeccable shape, so the news came as a bit of a surprise. According to ESPN’s Dave McMenamin, James disputed the weight loss idea, instead explaining that he became leaner during the offseason.

“We’ll start with LeBron who looks great and went into his two-a-day offseason regimen on his own a month before training camp started,” McMenamin explained on The Lowe Post podcast. “Rob Pelinka reports that LeBron has trimmed down, I asked LeBron about it, he kept it close to the vest but he said, ‘Listen, I’m always looking for ways to find an edge, find a margin.’

“I spoke to a source close to LeBron, it’s not necessarily that he lost weight but he’s added lean muscle. …All those signs, plus a lengthier offseason point to LeBron, you have to go into the year assuming he will still be LeBron, while recognizing that two of the last three seasons he suffered a major injury after prior to those three seasons never experiencing something like that in his pro basketball career.”

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Pelinka Described LeBron as ‘Slimmed Up’

Pelinka described a “slimmed up” James during a recent press conference adding that he believes it will help the superstar’s “explosiveness and quickness.” The Lakers GM also emphasized that James has a high level of confidence in the rebuilt roster.

“LeBron’s been in working hard, working really early in the morning, and I think the thing that stands out is just his fitness level and he’s slimmed up,” Pelinka noted during a September 23 press conference. “I think we all know LeBron studies the greats and he adds things into his game, and I think going into this stage of his career he’s made a decision to come back a little bit leaner, and I think that’s going to translate in his explosiveness and quickness.

“But he’s been very, very locked in with his training and you just get a sense he has a confidence in his teammates, he really does. I think when he looks around the locker room and sees the nameplates or the guys he’s been on the court with, you can just tell he has a high level of confidence in his teammates and what this team could accomplish this season if we all lock in.”

LeBron Spends an Estimated $1.5 Million Annually on His Body: Report

Those who follow James on Instagram know the Lakers star frequently posted early morning workout videos throughout the summer. James spares no expense when it comes to taking care of his body. During a 2016 podcast, The Ringer’s Bill Simmons discussed a conversation he had with James’ business partner Maverick Carter, who estimated the superstar spends $1.5 million annually on his body.

“I asked him, ‘What’s the biggest misconception about LeBron? What’s the one thing people don’t realize about LeBron?’” Simmons explained during a June 2016 podcast. “And he [Carter] said, ‘People don’t realize how hard he works on his body.’ I’m like, what do you mean? [Carter:]’LeBron spends like a million and a half dollars a year on his body.’

“And he’s like, ‘Well, he’s replicated the gym that whatever team — whether it was Miami or Cleveland — he’s replicated all the equipment they have in the team’s gym in his house. He has two trainers. Everywhere he goes, he has a trainer with him.’ I’m paraphrasing what he told me, so I might not be getting all these facts right. He’s got chefs. He has all the science of how to sleep. All these different things. Masseuses. Everything he does in his life is constructed to have him play basketball and to stay on the court and to be as healthy as possible and to absorb punishment when he goes into the basket and he gets crushed by people.’”

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