Phone-Wielding Westbrook Ripped for ‘Disrespect’ After Lakers Loss

Russell Westbrook, Lakers

Getty Russell Westbrook, Lakers

Lakers star Russell Westbrook came to the podium after Friday’s mind-warping loss to Minnesota, a game the Lakers lost by 24 points thanks to a lifeless third quarter in which they were outscored, 40-12, with his phone in his left hand. As the media session began, Westbrook was tapping away at the screen, frequently looking down at it while answering questions.

Especially after a loss like that, one that teammate Anthony Davis called, “embarrassing,” it seemed Westbrook was being intentionally disrespectful, and was called out on it by media members and Twitter users.

As Ryan Ward of Lakers Nation, who transcribes most Lakers press conferences wrote, “Call me crazy, but I think it’s just a bit disrespectful to look at your phone during an entire postgame interview, especially after getting blown out. Just me, I guess. Manners. What a concept.”



Asked about that disastrous third quarter, Westbrook said, “You know, just not coming out ready. We didn’t do a good job of being prepared, especially in the third quarter. Ain’t too much to say about it.”

An Unhappy Birthday for Russell Westbrook

Some on Twitter pointed out that Friday was, in fact, his birthday. Westbrook turned 33 and, as one user wrote, “Call me crazy. But respect is a two-way street. Can’t ask for something you aren’t giving. Let the man enjoy his birthday, and stop being problematic.”

Of course, Westbrook’s presser was especially short, so, birthday or not, it does not seem to ask too much for him to tuck his phone away for what wound up being 196 seconds.

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Regardless, Westbrook did not seem much bothered by the blowout performance. He was asked why the Lakers have been giving away leads—they were up by as many as 11 on Minnesota—with utter in-game collapses all season.

“I’m not sure, you know,” he said, again typing on his phone. “Can’t really put your finger on it and say what it is and what it is not. Sometimes we come out and be fine, sometimes we don’t. The inconsistency is a problem. That, we don’t know.”

Anthony Davis: Lakers’ Effort Was ‘Embarrassing’

On the opposite end of the spectrum was star forward Anthony Davis, who clearly was upset by the way the Lakers played. The third quarter was beyond putrid and Davis seemed to still be seething about it when the game was over.

Not only did the Lakers score just 12 points on 19.0% shooting, but they committed six turnovers in the period. They also allowed Minnesota to shoot, incredibly, 62.5% from the field in those 12 minutes.

After the game, Davis said, “We have to decide who we want to be. Championship team? That’s not us right now. Not winning a championship the way we’re playing. We’ve got to be better. We’ve got care more. That was embarrassing. … There was just no effort in the third quarter.”

The silver lining, at least for coach Frank Vogel, was that teams usually respond after a blowout.

“There’s no better motivator than a bad loss,” Vogel said. “I think a lot of our guys are angry. Our coaching staff is angry. And we’ll get back to work and do whatever we need to do to get better.”

Most of the guys appeared to be angry, at least. Some were a bit distracted.


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