Rams Reveal They Nearly Pulled Off Another Major Trade

Sean McVay

Getty Sean McVay during the week of Super Bowl 56 at Pasadena's Rose Bowl.

The Los Angeles Rams have become known for being unashamed and unafraid to make trades in the era of Les Snead and Sean McVay.

Jalen Ramsey, Matthew Stafford, Von Miller and the recently departed Sony Michel were all added via trade — with draft picks relinquished in the process.

Now, turns out the Rams nearly pulled off another key trade in a video released on the evening of Tuesday, May 10.

The Deal the Rams Nearly Pulled

By now, fans of the Rams know that the Cleveland Browns made a deal with the Super Bowl 56 champs which got the latter to lure back slot cornerback Troy Hill.

But it turns out, the champs nearly made another deal with the AFC North representative.

In the video “Inside the Draft” from the Rams’ You Tube channel, the cameras show McVay on the phone during the evening hours saying the words “Did you just tell that to Les? Okay, all right, we’ll see here over the next couple of picks and then I’ll hit you back.”

But then came the next quote captured and recorded.

“We gotta really ask ourselves, though, if we’re going to give up a sixth, is that not (worth it)?” McVay asked.

“Oh, is a sixth-round pick worth a starting guard? Yes. The answer is yes,” Snead replied.

McVay then goes: “I know that. That’s what I’m saying. At what point are we bidding against ourselves, though? Do we need to get in front of any of these teams but also be aware that we’re not competing.”

Then comes McVay’s next set of questions: “Should we call Cleveland? I would just say, what’s the worst thing for calling one of these teams? What’s the worst thing they’re going to say?”

“In all seriousness, we have a guy that we identify, or do you say sit tight for the next six picks and trust it?” McVay cotinued. “But I know this: We’ve gotten to 98, it takes so little to get up there. Is it worth it? I’m just throwing out possibilities.”

There you have it: The Rams nearly traded up with the Browns, which would have gotten them out of the 104th spot.

McVay then gave this response:

“We need this lineman. We need a starter,” he said. “We’ve got one more pick right here. Once Kansas City takes it, we’ve got our guy.”

Along came Logan Bruss of Wisconsin at No. 104. The segment can be watched below:

VideoVideo related to rams reveal they nearly pulled off another major trade2022-05-11T15:01:00-04:00

Phone Call With Bruss

Snead was the first to call Bruss on his cell.

The GM was less stoic in his conversation but asked the burning question: “Are you ready to come to Los Angeles and play some ball?”

McVay, however, was the ball of energy once the phone got passed to him.

“Hey let’s go man! Are you ready to roll or what?!” McVay excitedly shouted.

Bruss’s new offensive line coach Kevin Carberry also had a unique description on draft night for his new lineman.

“He said you look like a Roman soldier,” McVay told Bruss. “And he’s ready to roll with you man.”

Bruss, who becomes the latest Badgers representative across the Rams’ offensive trenches, also got a shout out on video from fellow Wisconsin standout David Edwards.

But now, one has to wonder if the trade were to happen with the Browns, if Bruss would have still been the pick for the Rams. Nevertheless, as McVay said, the Rams “got their guy” at No. 104 with the opportunity to replace the departed Austin Corbett.

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