New Rams LB Bobby Wagner Shares the ‘Weak’ Move on Seattle’s Part

Bobby Wagner

Getty Bobby Wagner and his future Rams teammate Cooper Kupp during an October 3, 2019 game in Seattle.

Bobby Wagner has finally addressed what went down with the Seattle Seahawks before his arrival to the Los Angeles Rams.

On Monday, April 4, the first video of Wagner officially signing his new deal and the first images of Wagner in a Rams uniform surfaced online.

Wagner will wear the reverse of his original number with the Rams’ NFC West rival.

But again, the eight-time Pro Bowler got the chance to address the L.A. media for the first time. And regarding his final days as a Seahawk, Wagner didn’t mince words.

The ‘Weak’ Move Wagner Described

Via Associated Press Rams reporter Greg Beacham, Wagner detailed the final scene that prompted him to use the word “weak” in describing the action done by his last NFL employer.

“First thing, I think after 10 years, I think it’s just simple communication. I don’t think it had to be that difficult. I watched their interview…and I’m grateful. But When they said it (the release) was because I represented myself, I felt that was weak,” Wagner said.

Wagner dove deeper from there in defending himself.

“I don’t feel like me representing myself, whether I had an agent or whether I didn’t have an agent. I still felt like that was a conversation that they could have had. That’s where I stand with it,” Wagner told reporters.

Will Wagner Dwell on How it Unfolded in Seattle?

Wagner is planning to move on from his 10 seasons with the ‘Hawks.

“I’m not going to dwell on it,” Wagner bluntly said. “They’ve already moved on. I’ve already moved on, so it is what it is at this point.”

Once he was released, his first conversations post Seahawks came from Rams representatives: Cornerback Jalen Ramsey and defensive lineman Aaron Donald.

Again, Wagner defended the idea that he was “representing himself” and says between he and the Seahawks “even if they wanted to go in different directions, I don’t think me representing myself played any part on my end. It was more on their end. Maybe they didn’t want to do it. Maybe they kind of want to burn that bridge.

“But I feel like through this process and the last process, I’ve shown the capability of handling tough conversations we’ve had, tough conversations throughout my tenure there” Wagner continued.

The six-time All-Pro still believes that the Seahawks could’ve “picked up the phone and call” him. Plus added “I shouldn’t have to find out the way I found out. But it is what it is.”

And even though he’ll go from the Seahawks to a fierce division rival of the ‘Hawks, he insists there isn’t enmity or scorn in his heart in leaving his first pro football home.

“I don’t have that much hate in my heart,” Wagner said via Beacham. “I really wanted to be happy. And I wanted to be close to home and stay on the West Coast. That was important to me.”

However, he’s sent this warning: “Playing the Seahawks twice a year is the cherry on top. I’ll make sure they know where I am. It won’t be a quiet game for me.”

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