All-Pro WR Helps Explain the Rare Rule Involving Jalen Ramsey

Jalen Ramsey

Getty Jalen Ramsey during 2022 Rams training camp.

The rematch of Super Bowl 56 between the Cincinnati Bengals and the defending champion Los Angeles Rams couldn’t wait until Saturday, August 27.

Instead, the matchup occurred on the afternoon of Wednesday, August 24 — at the Bengals’ practice facility.

And with the reunion of the big game came this heavyweight matchup once again: The Bengals’ All-Pro wide receiver from a season ago Ja’Marr Chase versus the Rams’ captain and top defensive back option Jalen Ramsey — their first interaction with one another since that February 13 duel at SoFi Stadium won by Ramsey and L.A.

How did this second encounter go? This clip via the Rams’ Twitter account showed Ramsey denying the sky facing the Bengals’ first teamers — swatting this pass intended for the Bengals’ other dynamic wideout Tee Higgins.

However, photojournalist Kareem Elgazzar of the Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today captured Chase hauling in this one-handed grab with Ramsey in close proximity.

While it was a closed practice for the public now that training camps have wrapped up, the second installment of Chase versus Ramsey saw its share of personal wins for both men. However, Chase revealed to reporters one rare “catch technique” Ramsey delivered — which some have now hailed the “stupid” Ramsey rule.

What That ‘Catch Technique’ & Rule is

Speaking with reporters following the joint session, Chase revealed that he had a field conversation with the perennial Pro Bowler.

Chase was able to take some nuggets from Ramsey in his private conversation. However, Chase did explain to reporters a rare trait Ramsey shows with his interceptions.

“The thing we talked about was his catch technique, because I thought it was a penalty,” he said to the Cincy media. “I never really seen nobody do that until him, but it’s been on film all year. Just like a rule for him now. So basically, I gotta adjust to DBs playing catch technique with their bodies and I gotta not make a flag for missing their body. That’s how stupid it sounds, trust me.”

Sounds almost as if Chase believed he was being held or drew contact with Ramsey while being covered by him. Perhaps this sequence witnessed Ramsey playing more of a receiver role and adjusting his own body to attempt to snatch the football over Chase. But the fact there was no penalty drawn, one reporter called it the Ramsey rule…which Chase agreed with.

Does Chase Acknowledge he Beat Ramsey?

During the Super Bowl, a lot of eyes zeroed in on Chase versus Ramsey.

Chase wound up catching five passes for 89 yards in the big game, averaging 17.8 yards a catch. Per Pro Football Focus, Ramsey was targeted by Joe Burrow fie times when responsible for Chase. The LSU standout may have only been held to two catches, but the yards topped at 63 and Chase averaged 31.5 yards a catch on Ramsey, with the longest a 46-yarder.

Ramsey surrendered 160 receiving yards and the Higgins touchdown in that contest. Was Ramsey, though, anything like the cornerbacks Chase had begun to get used to seeing?

“A lot of DBs are different. When you’re facing one of the best like him, you’re hoping you come back strong enough during regular season, playoffs, stuff like that and remember what y’all talked about,” Chase said.

He was also asked if he believed he got the better end of the first battle

“When we didn’t win, so no,” Chase said.

Ramsey Updates Health

With Ramsey taking part in drills, does this mean he’s officially at full strength following his shoulder surgery that sidelined him for most of training camp?

Ramsey answered to the L.A. media who flew to Cincy if he’s at 100%.

“Not yet. Not yet, but I will be when the time is right,” he said. “That’s what’s important to me, honestly. I’m just being careful right now. I haven’t been doing a lot of techniques, trying to play a little light, not attacking at the top of the route like I usually would. Just certain technique things, I won’t go into all that. I’ll be here when the time is right.”

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