Cam Akers Channels Eric Dickerson in Uniform Release Video

Cam Akers

Getty Cam Akers gets his jersey pulled from behind against the New York Jets in 2020. Akers joined Rams legend Erick Dickerson a new uniform unveiling on Tuesday morning.

Throughout the offseason, there were rumors of the Los Angeles Rams unveiling a new uniform for 2021, one with a throwback touch.

On Tuesday morning, Cam Akers confirmed the rumors through a viral video online with one touch of a throwback item worn by a Rams legend: A pair of goggles made famous by Eric Dickerson.

The second-year running back is seen looking for his uniform in a storage closet, with video highlights of Dickerson playing on a television screen in the room. Akers then finds the goggles that became a trademark of Dickerson’s playing career, attempting to try them on. Akers begins to see flashes of what the rumored uniform will look like.

From there, Dickerson himself entered the locker room to hand the running back the new Rams uniform: A white uniform with the splash of “sol” (yellow) and blue horns to the sides.

The look will definitely bring back some 1970s and 80s memories to the “Rams House.” And the Rams now have their alternate look for 2021 that will certainly help conjure up some fond memories.

‘Threaded with Greatness’

One year ago, the Rams unveiled their “bone” look that was met with mixed feelings from Ram fans. But now, this look not only resurrects their old look that began in 1973, but resembles what the Rams wore before the 2000-01 season.

The material for the numbers remains in place. Also, the “Los Angeles Rams” patch is still visible above the left arm. But again, the Rams are doing a touch up of the uniform look that won them the 2000 Super Bowl, plus produced countless of legends like Dickerson, Jackie Slater, Henry Ellard, Isaac Bruce and Torry Holt for one season (Holt won the Super Bowl his rookie year). Holt himself told The Los Angeles Times that he’s a big fan of the look, plus sees it as a good omen for this year’s team.

“First thing I said after I saw the uniform was that it has championship written all over it,” Holt said. “I think that’s the expectations for the Rams and I think these uniforms certainly signify that as well.”

Holt adds that the horns make the uniform stand out.

“Say I’m a wide receiver and I’m in my stance. You’re getting a straight ahead photo of me, you see the horns on the helmet, but you also see the horns on the sleeves,” Holt described. “The average fan may not get that, may not pay attention to that, may not even care. Hell, even the average player may not care about that, but as someone that’s into details and the uniqueness of our uniforms and our colors and the horns, it’s good to see the horns being represented anywhere on the jerseys. To me, that’s glaring in our uniforms,” Holt said. “And it’s certainly glaring in this new uniform set.”

Rams Twitter Reacts to New Look

Fans have certainly become enamored with the look. One took screenshots of the Akers video:

One fan already began feeling the nostalgia of when Kurt Warner wore similar color schemes in his first season with the Rams, which was during their title run.

Another fan believes the team got it right with the look.

Then there was 2011 Super Bowl champ Will Blackmon playfully commenting on Akers putting on the goggles.

Finally, Akers was joined by fellow Rams teammates Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods and Jordan Fuller in a clip themed “Honoring the Past. Embracing the Future.”

Lastly, when will the Rams wear this newly modernized look? The plan is for the season opener against the Chicago Bears on September 12, which is also going to be the night fans will watch their first game inside SoFi Stadium.

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