‘That Would Be an Easy Fit:’ Rams Legend Open For Todd Gurley Reunion

Eric Dickerson

Getty Eric Dickerson runs the ball during a 1986 game in Los Angeles.

The legendary Los Angeles Rams running back Eric Dickerson has spoken: He’s a believer the team should bring back a familiar face to help the backfield to make up for the loss of Cam Akers.

Dickerson told TMZ on Thursday that setting up a reunion with Todd Gurley should be on the table.

“That should be a no brainer,” Dickerson said. “I mean, he knows the offense. He doesn’t have to come in and try to learn it. He knows (Sean) McVay. He knows the guys on the team. That would be an easy fit.”

Of course, the big question would be if the Rams do contact Gurley and they can bury the past.

Eric Dickerson Urges Rams To Re-sign Todd Gurley After Akers Injury, 'A No-Brainer' | TMZ SportsForget Le'Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson … Eric Dickerson says if the Rams turn to a vet to help fill the RB void left after Cam Akers' injury — they NEED to give Todd Gurley a call! SUBSCRIBE — tmz.me/j0hSW37 About TMZ Sports: Some of the best stories in sports have been off the field…2021-07-22T07:45:03Z

Dickerson Still a Believer in Rams’ Super Bowl Chances

Obviously, Cam Akers going down with a season-ending injury on Tuesday sent a ripple effect throughout the Rams organization and the NFL. The second-year running back from Florida State was entering Rams training camp next week with high expectations of taking leaps forward from his rookie campaign – which included averaging 4.8 yards a carry in the postseason.

His loss has many wondering if the Rams are still Vince Lombardi Trophy winning material. As of Tuesday, sportsbookwire.usatoday.com reports that the Rams now trail NFC West rival San Francisco in the odds to win the conference.

But with an injury like a torn Achilles placing Akers on injured reserve, does Dickerson believe this damages the Rams’ Super Bowl expectations?

“Oh no, for sure not,” Dickerson told TMZ. “That’s why you got to love the players. We’re going to miss Cam a lot. But I think Sean McVay is really confident about his football team this year. He says it’s one of his best football teams he’s ever had. Losing Cam is a big loss, but just like anything you’ve got to move on.”

Does Dickerson Believe in the Current RB Group?

Akers’ loss now has the Rams’ backfield room comprising of this: Darrell Henderson, Xavier Jones (who attended Dickerson’s alma mater Southern Methodist), Raymond Calais, Jake Funk and Otis Anderson.

Following Akers’ loss, McVay told Max Kellerman on ESPN 710 radio on Tuesday that he wants to give the RB’s in the room a chance and that “We’ve got some young backs on our roster that I’m intrigued about seeing how they handle this opportunity.” That quote points to the team opting to not be so quick about signing a veteran running back to fill Akers’ void.

But does Dickerson share the same enthusiasm about the 2021 RB unit minus Akers? He was asked if names like Le’Veon Bell and Adrian Peterson would be other strong candidates.

“You’ve got to go with what you got,” Dickerson said. “All of us had their time: Le’Veon had his time, Adrian had his time and I had my time. That’s why we have the young guys. And the game has changed so much. Our offense is not tailored to run the football like a Tennessee Titans. We have a new quarterback in Matthew Stafford, who I like a lot. I think it’s going to be a good year. McVay said to me a few months ago that this is one of the best teams he’s ever had.”

But again, Dickerson is open to a Gurley and Rams reconciliation and reunion, telling TMZ “I would like that a lot. I’m a Todd Gurley guy. He helped us get to the Super Bowl.”

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