Proposed Blockbuster Sees Heat Swap Kyle Lowry for $136 Million Star

Kyrie Irving Miami Heat

Getty Kyrie Irving #11 of the Brooklyn Nets drives to the basket during the first half against the Miami Heat.

Things have not gone to plan so far for the Miami Heat. Injuries have plagued the team so much that, as of the weekend, Miami was forced to go to a seven-player rotation. That’s completely fine if it’s June and the Erik Spoelstra’s rotation has diminished because the Heat are battling for a Finals ring.

But it’s not June, it’s November. And the team is far from guaranteed a spot in the playoffs. If the season ended now, Miami would find itself on the outside looking in at a play-in spot. At 7-11, Miami’s traded its usual standings company Milwaukee Bucks and Boston Celtics for the Orlando Magic and Charlotte Hornets.

Miami desperately needs a shakeup. And if Bleacher Report’s Greg Swartz had his way, a shakeup would be headed for South Beach indeed. In a recent proposed trade by Swartz, the Heat would swap a headache in Kyle Lowry’s limited effectiveness for an altogether different headache. Here’s the trade:

Miami Heat Receive: PG Kyle Lowry, G/F Max Strus

Brooklyn Nets Receive: PG Kyrie Irving.

Does it Make Sense for the Heat?

As Swartz explained, the Heat desperately need an infusion of talent after an uncharacteristically slow start to the season.

“Miami, off to a 7-11 start, could jump back toward the top of the East with a core of Irving, Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo and Tyler Herro.”

But is this the infusion Miami needs? Or is this the basketball equivalent of (to take the infusion metaphor to its furthest extent) fumbling the blood type on the operating table? At this point, Irving is a “radioactive” player who only recently made his way back to the hardwood after being suspended by the Nets for circulating an anti-Semitic video on social media. In fact, it’s for that very reason that Swartz argued the Nets should end their relationship with Irving.

“While Irving has returned to the Nets, history tells us it’s only a matter of time before something else keeps him away from the team. Brooklyn would be wise to cut ties completely, seeing if teams like the Heat and Los Angeles Lakers are interested in the talented yet turbulent point guard.”

The problem with Miami is that too many of its players are missing time on the floor already. Adding Irving and his limited availability only adds to that problem for Spoelstra & Co. Though if anyone is going to keep Irving grounded, I’m sure it’s Jimmy Butler, whose approach to teammates is the polar opposite of Irving’s current co-star Kevin Durant.

Nets ‘Would Like to Move’ Irving

If the Heat are interested in acquiring Irving’s services, the Brooklyn Nets are almost certainly listening. According to Sam Amico of Hoops Wire, the Nets are working hard to explore options for their scandal-riddled point guard.

“Sources have told Hoops Wire the same — that the Nets would like to move Irving, but his trade value isn’t exactly at an all-time high right now. Quite the opposite.”

Unfortunately for Brooklyn, it takes two to tango. And for now, good luck finding a team, Miami or otherwise, willing to go near Irving. Heading into the Holiday season, Irving is something of a Grinch — he’s rarely seen, likes shouting proclamations from his “enlightened” perch atop the mountain, and many wouldn’t touch him “with a thirty-nine-and-a-half foot pole.”

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