Tyler Herro Breaks Silence About Ongoing Heat Trade Rumors

Tyler Herro

Getty Tyler Herro #14 of the Miami Heat

Trade Rumors are nothing new for the Miami Heat. It’s not uncommon for Pat Riley and general manager Andy Ellisburg to be engaged in some form of trade talk at some point in the season around the trade deadline or offseason. One player who has been mentioned in multiple trade rumors in his three seasons in Miami recently spoke about what it is like to be mentioned in trade rumors. 

In an appearance for his foundation, the T. Herro Foundation, Herro spoke out about his looming contract extension as well as the ongoing rumors around the Heat organization. 

Tyler Herro on Heat Trade Rumors 

“I mean, every summer, that’s just what it is,” Herro said Tuesday as his foundation, the T. Herro Foundation, teamed up with the Heat to award nine Heat Academy students each with a $500 gift card to use on a back-to-school shopping spree at Target located at Dadeland Station in Miami. “I mean ever since I’ve been here, my name has been in rumors. So rumors, they don’t bother me. Whether I’m on the Heat or somewhere else, I’m getting ready for the season.”

It’s true. Herro has had his name included in trade rumors multiple times. However, Herro has often been the player that the Heat have refused to include in trade deals. Miami could have traded for James Harden in 2020, but the Heat’s reluctance to include Herro stopped a deal from getting done. Before that, the Heat were linked to Kyle Lowry in a potential sign-and-trade and what stopped that deal as well was their refusal to trade Herro. Now Herro and Lowry are teammates, and both have actually been mentioned in trade discussions. 

This offseason, the Heat have refused to include Bam Adebayo in trade proposals which has had Herro as the centerpiece in its current trade discussions. Herro has been included in proposals to the Utah Jazz for Donovan Mitchell, those trade talks seem to have stalled as the Heat weren’t mentioned in the latest report of teams pursuing Mitchell by Jazz insider Tony Jones. The Durant discussions continue, but momentum for Miami seems to have faded with their refusal to trade Adebayo, and without him, they don’t have the pieces to facilitate a trade good enough for KD. If they were able to get a third team involved, then they could re-enter the sweepstakes as one of the top places Durant wants to go to. 

Herro is Eligible for a Contract Extension

The Heat don’t just have a decision to make about if they should or shouldn’t trade Tyler Herro. They also have to figure out if they will sign the young guard to an extension. Herro is eligible for a contract extension worth as much as $188 million over five seasons with a first-year salary (2023-24) of $32.5 million. He can sign for five years — instead of four — only if he gets a max contract.

If the Heat does sign Herro to an extension, he will be unable to be in trade rumors for a year. They have until the middle of October to decide what to do with their 22-year-old standout guard. Will he be back in a Heat uniform until October to make the Heat to make that decision? Time will tell. 


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