Isiah Thomas Explains Why LeBron James is The GOAT Over Michael Jordan

Lebron james michael jordan

Getty LeBron James passed Michael Jordan on the career points list.

LeBron James is the GOAT according to NBA Hall of Famer, Isiah Thomas.


“Well to me I think that when you talk about the GOAT – particularly when you talk about the GOAT for the Black community, the champion has always spoke for the voiceless and he’s always had the responsibility for speaking for the voiceless,” Isiah Thomas told me on the Heavy Live With Scoop B Show.

“Now in the White community, that might be different. Tom Brady doesn’t have to speak for and Joe Montana doesn’t have to speak for the White community and uplift them in America. In the Black community, it’s always been different; whether it be Joe Louis when he was fighting Max Schmeling and how important that fight was; Jesse Owens winning the gold medal in Germany and how important that was, Tommy Smith [and John Carlos]…so when you look at Muhammad Ali; Muhammad Ali wasn’t the greatest because he could knock people out – Muhammad Ali was the greatest because of what he did outside of the playing field; outside of the ring. So the champion has always carried that mantle; particularly in the NBA – Bill Russell carried it, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar carried it, Dr. J carried it, I carried it and now LeBron is doing it. So when you look at what the ‘GOAT’ means for us in terms of lifting us up in the society, speaking for the voiceless in our community; you can be a champion on the floor and you can be a champion off the floor. So what he’s done statistically – the numbers don’t lie. But also what he’s done OUTSIDE of the playing field, that doesn’t lie either. So you know, in terms of being a complete basketball player in terms of passing, dribbling, shooting, rebounding… no one has done what he’s done statistically in EVERY single category. Now we’ve had players to dominate one category. But we’ve never had a player that’s come in and dominate it in so many statistical categories across the board. And that’s LeBron James.”

Now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, earlier this month, LeBron James won his fourth NBA Championship with teammates Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, JR Smith and Rajon Rondo. Guided by head coach, Frank Vogel and assistant coaches, Phil Handy and Jason Kidd, James was the 2020 NBA Finals MVP after a success six-game series against the Jimmy Butler-led Miami Heat.

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