Brittany Baca Logano, Joey Logano’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Jason Davis/Getty Joey Logano with his wife, Brittany Baca Logano.

Brittany Baca Logano is the wife of NASCAR driver Joey Logano. They have been married since 2014 and have three children, including two sons, Hunter and Jameson, and a daughter, Emilia.

Here’s what you need to know about Joey Logano’s wife Brittany Logano:

1. Joey Logano & Brittany Baca Were Married in 2014 in North Carolina After They Met at a Skating Rink Owned by His Sister

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GettyJoey and Brittany Logano.

Brittany Baca and Joey Logano have been married since December 2014. They met at an ice rink in North Carolina owned by his sister, according to USA Today.

“Logano was piloting the Zamboni while Brittany was skating at the center and working at the rink’s cafeteria,” USA Today wrote.

In 2022, when Logano appeared in the “Race for the Championship documentary show on USA, it was revealed that he has his wife’s contact in his phone under the name “My Hot A** Wife.” He told NBC Sports, “The contact for my wife has been ‘My Hot A** Wife’ for the last seven or eight years we’ve been married, and that’s just what it is. It’s funny now because I use Siri to call her and I say, ‘Call my hot a** wife’ and then my kids in the back say, ‘Are you calling mommy?’ It’s pretty funny.”

He added, “I feel like somewhere in there that should be changed, but I like it and now it’s kind of funny. Now we’re just playing off it. I didn’t think twice about it being on my screen when they were shooting, which just goes to show how real everything is. They did a really good job at taking what life is, like what is our life as far as how we prepare for races from a work standpoint, but also at home. They didn’t really edit much out of it.”

2. Brittany Logano, Whp Was Born in California, Grew Up in North Carolina & Graduated From UNC-Charlotte in 2014, Is the Vice Chairman of the Joey Logano Foundation

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GettyJoey Logano with his wife, Brittany, and son, Hudson.

According to her Facebook page, Brittany Baca Logano, who was born in California, grew up in Matthews, North Carolina, where she attended David W. Butler High School. She then attended the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, graduating in 2014, according to her Facebook.

According to the Joey Logano Foundation, she is the vice chairman of the charity. The foundation’s website says, “She is a graduate of UNC Charlotte with a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Brittany has always had a heart for community members in need. Her work experience includes running programs for the elderly and helping struggling individuals and families regain control of their lives through financial support while providing connections to resources that could improve their current positions.”

The Joey Logano Foundation website adds, “Brittany’s passion is to give with no expectation of material return. She has joined the Joey Logano Foundation board in order to initiate change in the community.”

3. Joey & Brittany Logano Have Talked About the Challenges They Faced Having Children, Calling Their Kids ‘Miracles’

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Chris Graythen/Getty Joey Logano and Brittany Baca Logano in 2017.

Joey and Brittany Logano have three kids. Their first son, Hudson Joseph Logano, was born in January 2018. Their second son, Jameson Jett Logano, was born in 2020. And their daughter, Emilia Love Logano, was born in February 2022, according to

After Emilia Logano was born, her father tweeted, “Pretty awesome 36 hours! Sunday will never compare to today though. Welcome to the world Emilia Love Logano. She’s already stole our hearts.Mom and baby were rockstars.”

The Loganos have talked about the challenges they’ve faced having children, saying it’s been a “miracle.” They told “In Depth With Graham Bensinger” in 2023 that their sons were born through IVF treatments after they were told a natural birth wasn’t possible.

4. Brittany Logano Said of Her Husband’s Career: ‘We Do This as a Family’

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GettyJoey Logano and his wife, Brittany.

In 2022, Brittany Logano told NBC Sports, according to, “When your spouse or the person that you’re the closest to has their dreams come true I think that’s even more special than when your own dreams come true.”

She added, “We do this as a family. Because it takes all of us, the whole team, us. Our kids are at home with my parents. It takes everybody. It’s a team effort to make these dreams come true, for all these guys. That’s super freaking cool.”

5. The Loganos Own a $3.6 Million Home in North Carolina

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Chris Graythen/GettyJoey Logano with his wife and son in 2018.

Joey and Brittany Logano have settled with their family in North Carolina. They own a $3.6 million home in Cornelius, North Carolina, that they bought in 2014, according to public records.

In 2021, the Loganos bought a $3 million property in West Catawba, North Carolina, according to Cornelius Today.

The news site wrote, “Property records show that Catawba Property Investments, 14316 Reese Blvd., Huntersville, paid $3 million for the iconic terminal-like building and property. It’s being marketed as a build-to-suit project by Center Lane Development, of which Logano is a member of the corporate entity.”