Patrick Beverley Has Strong Words for ‘Dominant’ Celtics

Patrick Beverley

Getty Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley sang the Boston Celtics praises on his podcast. He voiced his admiration for how “completely locked in” the Celtics have been in the postseason, which he pointed out goes beyond Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

On the May 15 episode of “The Pat Bev Podcast With Rone,” he also shouted the other impactful Celtics.

“The Derrick Whites, the Al Horfords, the Jrue Holidays, the Payton Pritchards, the guys that are coming in, and the guys that are playing. I mean, they are making that impact. (Sam) Hauser’s coming in with impact. They’re locked in from top to bottom. They’re well-coached,” Beverley said.

He added that the Celtics have shown that they have learned from their mistakes, which is why they’ve played as well as they have.

“People expect them to win every game, every playoff. This is not one of those years where guys just sweep each other. These are years where, okay, you lose one, you learn from it, you build on it. It shows the character, the poise of their team. They are the most dominant team in the NBA Playoffs right now, and that is the bottom line.”

The Celtics have made their sixth Eastern Conference Finals appearance in the last eight years. 2024 marked the first time that they have had the No. 1 seed with Jayson Tatum.

Beverley started the 2023-24 season with the Philadelphia 76ers but finished it with the Milwaukee Bucks, who lost in the first round.

Grant Williams Believes Celtics Can Win Title

Former Celtics Grant Williams explained to Forbes’ DJ Siddiqi why he believes the Celtics could win a title.

“I think the team (the Celtics) is equipped to prepare this year and learn from all those mistakes over the past four years, and hopefully, they can get over the hump this year,” Grant told Siddiqi in a May 13 story.

On top of that, he added that the Celtics are more “offensively motivated” after adding Kristaps Porzingis and Jrue Holiday. Because of that, he believes that they can “outscore anyone.”

The Celtics are 8-2 in 10 playoff games, and they’ve made quick work of the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers. Coincidentally, they’ve done this despite missing Porzingis for the entire Eastern Conference Semifinals.

Paul Pierce’s One Concern With Celtics

Though the Celtics have beaten their opponents in gentlemen’s sweeps, franchise legend Paul Pierce expressed one concern about them. On the May 15 episode of “KG Certified,” Pierce explained his one worry about the Celtics when the going gets tough with Kevin Garnett.

“The only concern I have for the Celtics is when they finally get into a situation where they play a tight game,” Pierce said. “They ain’t had a lot of tight games, a lot of adversity. They gotta figure it out when it’s a one- or two-point game with a minute left.”

In their 10 playoff games, the Celtics have only had one game be considered a clutch game – Game 4 against the Cavaliers. Besides that, the Celtics have held the fort down thus far outside of Game 2 against Miami.

This could be something that comes up in the Eastern Conference Finals, no matter who they face.

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